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DateLoan TypeApp-
DiscoverCA679000No08/04/04Otheryes400000.0% BANK TRANSFER Fico Score posted
DiscoverGA745000No04/04/04Otherno00(declined due to insufficient credit. 22 months; 2 AU accounts)
DiscoverOR681000No05/04/04Otheryes50000Took almost 30 days to approve
Discover CardVI712000No06/03/04Credit Cardyes50000 
Discover ClassicCA617000No05/04/04Otherno001 CO (fraud account may ask for reconsideration)
Discover PlatinumFL707000No04/04/04Credit Cardno00Number of recently opened credit card accounts with balances.
Discover - PlatinumUT072500No10/04/04Credit Cardno00 pulled EX twice just to deny me!!!!!
Discover - PlatinumUT752000No10/04/04Credit Cardno00 
Discover - PlatinumUT007450No10/04/04Credit Cardno00 
Discover Restaurant PlatUT700000No12/04/04Otheryes80000 
Discover PlatinumNY074400No12/04/04Credit Cardyes80000 Applied online - rec'd instant response
Discover PlatinumCA065000No01/05/04Credit Cardno00 65% Uitilization 2 inquries last 6mo oldest acct 6/97 owed 22.5k on cc accts
Discover Restaurant PlatinumPA745000No01/05/04Credit Cardyes50000 pulled all three reports because my application had my middle name instead of my first name thanks to whoever took my infor on the phone
Discover Restaurant PlatinumPA074200No01/05/04Credit Cardyes50000 pulled all three reports because my application had my middle name instead of my first name thanks to whoever too my info on the phone
Discover Restaurant PlatinumPA007350No01/05/04Credit Cardyes50000 pulled all three reports because my application had my middle name instead of my first name thanks to whoever took my info on the phone
Walmart DiscoverFL070200No03/05/04Otherno00 
Discover CardCA6386106000Yes03/28/05Credit CardNo00denied due to BK
Wallmart discoverPA69006400Yes05/14/05Credit CardYes350015 
Walmart DiscoverSC668000Yes05/28/05Credit CardNo00BK 9-2000
Wallmart discoverNY0646045000No07/12/05Credit CardYes32000 
Discover - PlatinumNY072200No09/13/05Credit CardYes60000 
Walmart DiscoverCO5730025No11/22/05Credit CardNo00 
Discover PlatinumCA007360Yes10/27/05Credit CardNo00Denied due to BK in 1999.
Discover Restaurant PlatinumVA0698068750No11/16/05Credit CardYes10000 
Wallmart discoverNY6230045000No01/14/06Credit CardYes39000 
Walmart DiscoverCA7170060500No03/28/06Credit CardYes200013.24Instant approval on line. Fico Score.
Discover - PlatinumCA0710050000No04/08/06Credit CardYes50000Approved instantly online, but they sent a gold card due to one charge off $200 from 6 years before.
DiscoveryOR70372868090000Yes04/28/06Credit CardNo100000Bk 7 discharged in 7/05
Discover CardCT72270470378000No05/01/06Credit CardYes80000Pulled Experian only
DiscoverTX63168865552000No05/04/06Credit CardNo00Pulled TU, Called to verify all info, was transferred twice, ultimately denied....NO LATES, NO BADDIES, clean TU
Discover ClassicNC62069161684000No05/09/06Credit CardNo00Pulled EX, No derogs..denied me.WTF Why????
Walmart DiscoverCA682000No06/08/06Credit CardNo33000Instant Approval @ register
Walmart DiscoverAL006870No08/02/06AutoYes210006.75 
Discover PlatinumAL0771088No08/21/06Credit CardYes810.99Instant online approval. 0% until Sep 2007.
DISCOVER PLATINUMVA0771088000No08/21/06Credit CardYes800010.99Instant online approval. 0% until Sep 2007
Walmart DiscoverAL64764867726000No01/16/07Credit CardYes260018.3Instant approval @ kiosk in jewelry dept instore. Denied 3 days before w/online app.(problems with internet app)
DiscoverIL070300No01/24/07Credit CardYes10000 
DiscoveryTX55958862350000No01/25/07Credit CardYes10008 
Discover CardTX58855862350000No01/25/07Credit CardNo00 
Discover CardCA061867893000Yes02/08/07Credit CardYes12000Received Pre-approved letter in the mail. Approved online.
Sams Business DiscoverGA6507006910Yes02/20/07Credit CardNo00Personal Bankruptcy in 2000. Low presonal Utilization no new dings
DiscoverSD6700085000No04/17/07Credit CardYes6000150% Intro + 0% on BT for life* Received pa mailer and applied online.
Discover ClassicWI55955955945000No04/24/07Credit CardNo00 
Discover PlatinumNV072676442000No05/06/07Credit CardYes500010.99 
DiscoverNY64671064650000No05/23/07Credit CardNo00 
Discover CardTX51552857270000No06/04/07Credit CardNo00 
Sams Club Discover/GEMBMD728000No07/12/07Credit CardYes360012.37Applied in-store. Did not ask for income on application.
DiscoverNC61560263539590No07/18/07Credit CardNo00instant DENIAL-They pulled Equifax
HSBC/Direct Rewards Discover CardMD0706077000Yes07/22/07Credit CardYes190013.990% 1st 9 mos. 20 inquiries, 14 accts opened in last 12 mos. BK still showing from 1999 on Experian rpt.
Discover PlatinumAZ0072530000No07/24/07Credit CardYes50000Pulled TU, 4 inq, 2 yr total crd history
DiscoverCA06516320No07/25/07Credit CardYes30019.94 
Discover Card (Dir.Merch.Nat. Bank/HSBC)CA0640060000No07/31/07Credit CardYes5400191 Chg Off $400/3 years old. Couple of 30D's, Couple of VERY SMALL Util Collect Accts. PAID
HSBC/Direct Rewards Discover CardMI6400070Yes08/07/07Credit CardYes7500declined for regular discover- approved for hsbc discover- chapter 7 discharged 2 yrs
HSBC/Direct Rewards Discover CardGA576000Yes08/11/07Credit CardYes30017Pre-selected offer while in college. After the Offer expired, I applied online, but wasn't instantly approved. I received the bad news letter, but received my card two days later. Weird!
Discover CardVA67869069445000No08/23/07Credit CardYes50000Have one paid Charge Off on CR.
Discover MilesWA76074073785000No08/27/07Credit CardYes800010.99Got 30-day message, called next business day, approved after answering a few security questions.
Walmart DiscoverWA6356036350Yes09/02/07Credit CardYes25000 
HSBC/Direct Rewards Discover CardMD68861362058000No09/04/07Credit CardYes25000 
DiscoverNY5060056No09/08/07Credit CardNo00 
Discover Card (Dir.Merch.Nat. Bank/HSBC)NY71370000No09/11/07Credit CardYes27509.9applied for reg discover, denied gave me counter offer for discover thru hsbc
Discover Card (Dir.Merch.Nat. Bank/HSBC)KY60060062060000Yes09/13/07Credit CardNo3000BK 7 '04. Clean since. Many new accts & inq's. Sm CL will monitor CLI's and see.
Walmart DiscoverGA691000No09/14/07Credit CardYes10000Fairly new credit. Applied on line instant approval.
Discover - PlatinumOK7510025000No09/21/07Credit CardYes300011.99The score is post inquiry, after I ot the alert that they pulled EQ, so it was most likely higher at time of application
Discover Card (Dir.Merch.Nat. Bank/HSBC)CT559000No09/30/07Credit CardYes3000wife recieved preapproval from discover. discover declined however HSBC accepted her. pulled Equifax with a score of 559.... 1 inquiry
DiscoverCA678653648114000No10/06/07Credit CardNo00Not in the cards.
DiscoverIN65066665040000No10/15/07Credit CardNo00 
Discover MotivaTX0780070No10/19/07Credit CardYes80000Pulled EX; BT 3.9% until 2010
DiscoverNJ646689689100No10/27/07Credit CardYes500016 
DiscoverTX601604654140000No11/08/07Credit CardYes30000Pulled Trans Union Only
Discover MotivaGA007040Yes11/14/07Credit CardYes50000BK 11/200 so right at 7 year mark
HSBC/Direct Rewards Discover CardMI72368966590000Yes12/05/07Credit CardYes50000Applied for Discover, denied, but said I was pre-approved for HSBC Direct Rewards, would I like to apply, yes. Transfered to app. page at HSBC, on-line. Completed the app and was approved.BK 7 discharged in Aug 2006
Discover MotivaHI764752761125000No12/05/07Credit CardYes5000010.99Apped online and they pulled EX and TU. Got the 30-day mssg but called them and was approved instantly.
Discover CardCA78177180285000No12/05/07Credit CardYes8000130% APR thru 9/08. 0%apr balance transfer
Discover CardMA6667046930No12/09/07Credit CardYes718.99BK 9 years old 1 collection paid 3 yrs. old
discoverOH61963655524000No12/11/07Credit CardNo00 
Discover PlatinumNJ73473573156No12/17/07Credit CardYes500013.99Applied by phone (Discover called). Pulled EX, major lates on two accts (3 yrs. old), no recent baddies. Intro APR 3.9% thru 06/08, BT 3.9% until 01/11.
DiscoverCA0676088600No12/18/07Credit CardYes400013.99PA letter, 3.9% 7 mons. 20 lates and 1 Paid CO from 6 years ago
Walmart DiscoverTX68166771158500Yes12/26/07Credit CardYes400016.9ch 13 bk discharged 07/05.
Walmart DiscoverVA0062970000No12/29/07Credit CardYes25000Score was from 11/23. Was initially denied due to unable to verify identity. Called and was approved.
Discover MotivaAL67569468065000No01/02/08Credit CardYes50003.93.9% until 2010. Received a preapproved invite in the mail. Instant online approval.
DiscoverIN6200060000Yes01/13/08Credit CardNo00 
Discover - PlatinumFL70070070130000No01/13/08Credit CardYes00 
Discover - PlatinumFL69970175030000No01/13/08Credit CardYes100003 
HSBC/Direct Rewards Discover CardOR63163156735000Yes01/21/08Credit CardYes160019 
discover moreCA007200No02/24/08Credit CardYes500015.99bk7 in 11/98
discover moreCA007200No02/24/08Credit CardYes500015.99bk7 in 11/98
Discover MotivaTN6700087000No02/25/08Credit CardYes500010.9Got 30 day message. Had to call to confirm details since I had recently bought a house. Have a couple of lates over 2yrs old and two paid collections.
Discover MilesCA75768873565000No02/29/08Credit CardYes100003.90% until 2009 - 31 Curr Accounts - Never Late - Called me at home and at work just to verify and instant approval.
Discover MotivaAL69568670774000No03/03/08Credit CardNo50002.9Instant approval on line. Soft pull TU
Discover MilesCA73375675760000No03/05/08Credit CardYes960017.99Instant approval online. Called for CL and APR info. 0% BT till 10/2008. Pulled Experian. I have clean history, no baddies.
Discover Card (Dir.Merch.Nat. Bank/HSBC)NJ5965865600Yes03/05/08Credit CardYes5006.29bK -2, 1 JUDGEMENT...GOOD START
discover moreTX0066295484No03/07/08Credit CardYes20009.74cold applied off website;instant approval;tax liens/releases(7 tot; older than 12 y.o.)in P.R.; no colls.30 day lates > 1yr old
Discover MotivaCA0069562000No03/07/08Credit CardYes300012.9No baddies clean took 2 days to receive call and confirm info approved
Discover MoreCT065200No03/08/08Credit CardYes00Instant approval. Pulled EX. Lates 2007. No other baddies
discover moreIN0656050000No03/08/08Credit CardYes110015.99Instant online approval. No baddies on EX.
discover moreMD0067988000Yes03/12/08Credit CardYes500017.9BK7 on file from '99, 20+ accounts opened in the last year. Only 1 inquiry on TU at the time, 11% utilization, bal xfer intro, 0% thr 7/2009.
Discover MilesOH0673065000No03/16/08Credit CardYes30000They pulled Experian and denied first for whatever reason called back and told them I was approved for AMEX and they approved me instantly, the cl of $3000 was a decent start.
Discover MotivaVA0065065000No03/27/08Credit CardNo00Too many new accounts with balances.
Sams Club Discover/GEMBVA0064265000No03/27/08Credit CardNo420020.99Instant approval in store.
discover moreCO61061559257000No03/28/08Credit CardYes90013.9I think they look at how old your negatives are and what you are doing now. I have been stellar in the last 2-3 years and I think they take that into account. Some people say you can't get a Discover card with less than a 650 score. I say, "yes you can
Discover Card (Dir.Merch.Nat. Bank/HSBC)AZ59259060935000No03/28/08Credit CardYes3000$59 AF
discover moreOH0071275000No03/29/08Credit CardYes40000 
discover moreFL699718689105No03/29/08Credit CardYes80000no recent baddies, 30/60 days late over 8 yrs old
Discover - PlatinumCA748755782145000No03/29/08Credit CardYes160008.9 
Walmart DiscoverFL645063470000No04/02/08Credit CardNo0-0Applied online/ rec. decision in 4 days --1 CO, no install info, and too many inq 8 in 12 mo.
Discover Card (Dir.Merch.Nat. Bank/HSBC)AR62862064026436No04/05/08Credit CardYes3000 
discover moreME65463465225000No04/06/08Credit CardYes21005.92 30 days late hard pull Trans Union
discover moreAL67572169452No04/07/08Credit CardYes513.99preapprove offer in the mail. applied online and was approved for 5,000. I have one pd. collection from 2003
Discover - PlatinumMI75170169749No04/07/08Credit CardYes240013.9pulled EX
discover moreWI0699075Yes04/07/08Credit CardYes215.49BT at 3.9% for 6 months. Chapter 7 BK discharged 3/2007.
discover moreGA693658691250000No04/10/08Credit CardYes800014.99Instant approve, 4.9% on balance transfers thru 2012!
discover moreGA693658691250000No04/10/08Credit CardYes800014.99Me above, forgot to add, pulled TU
Discover - PlatinumMT70870069764500Yes04/16/08Credit CardYes2000011.9bk7 filed 6/06
Walmart DiscoverGA65367769552500No04/20/08Credit CardYes100011.87Applied online, instant approval, they pulled TU
discover moreGA78076178568000No04/24/08Credit CardYes100001309applied online via pre-approved thru mail
discover moreCA06690110000No04/25/08Credit CardNo00denied for too many accounts, said close some and reapply
Discover CardTX60050065597000No05/03/08AutoYes2300014.49 
HSBC/Direct Rewards Discover CardTX0065590No05/05/08Credit CardYes3000 
Discover PlatinumKY66269164040000No05/07/08Credit CardYes150014Quick online approval.
discover moreTN00626125000No05/12/08Credit CardNo003 credit report has me as auth-user on hubby discover limit 25000. they denied me & pulled TU my EQ score is 698 im sad.
discover moreCO71871271080No05/15/08Credit CardYes450012.99Instant approval, card delivered in 4 days.
Discover MoreFL0069645000No05/25/08Credit CardYes50008.99Pulled TU. Received preapproval in mail. O% for first 8 months.
Discover Card (Dir.Merch.Nat. Bank/HSBC)GA56057659650000Yes05/25/08Credit CardYes00Applied for the Discover More and they counteroffered with this. I accepted but I don't know the limit yet. If its low I'm going to ask for CLI upon activation or close it.
discover moreAL0067852000No05/30/08Credit CardYes400018.990% til 12/08, Instant online approval, TU pulled, 5 inqs at time
DiscoverAR0065648000No06/02/08Credit CardNo00Pulled TU. Denied but offered HSBC Discover/300CL.
DiscoverMI759767757115760No06/04/08Credit CardYes010.99Cold App - they pulled Experian. Got 30 day processing message, called and answered identity questions and automatic approval.
Discover MotivaVA0068875000No06/04/08Credit CardYes600019.2430 day message. Had to call in to verify identity.
discover moreGA643648048No06/05/08Credit CardYes53.9 
discover moreTX0070890000No06/09/08Credit CardYes150015.996 yr old co, 3 yr old 90 day late, 3 yr old paid collection. Initially denied with TU 684, recon'd today (25 days later) with only a soft TU 708!!
discover moreTN71571572480000No06/11/08Credit CardYes30000pulled both EX and TU. Negatives none. 5 new accounts. EX has 7 inquiries & TU has 4. other cards max limit 25k and least card limit 1k.
Discover Card (Dir.Merch.Nat. Bank/HSBC)AZ61064568929000No06/19/08Credit CardYes30019.9thought i would get a higher CL since score has improved significantly. 2.9% for first 6 mo then 19.9 after. Just happy got a discover
discover moreTX721684676120No06/25/08Credit CardYes00My Scores are scores. Instant Approval. Late Payments 2.5 years ago. 2 Inquiries in past 3 mo.
Discover CardGA71869574148000No06/26/08Credit CardYes30000Online approval after phone verification. Pulled TU. 3 inq. in last 6 mo.
Discover MotivaCA00050000No06/27/08Credit CardYes00 
Discover PlatinumIA55050050035000No07/01/08Credit CardNo00 
discover moreNC60163873665000No07/02/08Credit CardYes40000lots of inq. pulled experian. highest cl to date! love discover. 1 co
Discover MotivaAZ61064568929000No07/06/08Credit CardNo00Applied online and was given "need further info, please call" message. Called and rep went through the whole app again with me then told me that I applied for another recently so this wouldnt go through. Inquired a little bit more and said that was denied
discover moreMI60254359390Yes07/08/08Credit CardNo00B/K in 2004 Collection accounts New Credit history on time payments
HSBC/Direct Rewards Discover CardPA68066167256000Yes07/11/08Credit CardNo00 
Sams Club Discover/GEMBPA66168067256000Yes07/11/08Credit CardYes270019.12pulled transunion
HSBC/Direct Rewards Discover CardPA66168067256000Yes07/11/08Credit CardYes00applied for discover denied. but gave me hsbc direct. do not know cl
Sams Club Discover/GEMBPA66168067256000Yes07/16/08Credit CardNo00hooters maaster card. Iam waiting for letter to see why not approved banruptcy 6yrs
Walmart DiscoverSD6580022500No07/16/08Credit CardYes10Had to call and verify information.
discover moreMN768720741112No07/19/08Credit CardYes1213.990% APR for first 9 months or so on all transactions, then kicks up to 13.99.
DiscoverIA006180No07/19/08Credit CardNo00 
HSBC/Direct Rewards Discover CardIA006180No07/19/08Credit CardYes3000$59 AF :(
Discover MoreNY0073065No07/20/08Credit CardYes210.990% intro. rate, then 10.99% after. Pulled TU
discover moreTX71872568515000No07/24/08Credit CardYes279012.99Received pre-approval by mail. Instant approval
discover moreTX64367564580000No07/26/08Credit CardNo00Past or present Deliquent Credit obligations. Status of Existing or Prior Discover Card Account.
discover moreNY62063766870000No07/29/08Credit CardNo00Denied because 3 accounts were opened in the last 6 months. Pulled EX
discover moreFL007440No08/06/08Credit CardYes00 
Discover MoreWI0734047794No08/11/08Credit CardYes00App Online...was instantly approved. I had a CO with Discover 7 years ago. Apparently does not lifetime blacklist like some CCCs. Pulled EX
discover moreOH7146897163000No08/14/08Credit CardYes10000 
Discover CardAZ69670268454299Yes08/21/08Credit CardNo010.99BK7 2002, no lates or baddies
Discover PlatinumAZ69370268654299Yes08/30/08Credit CardNo00BK72002 No lates,No Baddies
discover moreCA58264562070000No08/30/08Credit CardNo00applied online, gave 30 day decision, a.k.a. sorry declined.
Discover Card (Dir.Merch.Nat. Bank/HSBC)IL66570264341000Yes09/03/08Credit CardNo00 
Discover CardMA00011000No09/03/08Credit CardNo5000 
DiscoverPA0073050000No09/07/08Credit CardNo00 
discover morePA0074050000No09/07/08Credit CardNo00 
Discover MoreOH71571072880000No09/09/08Credit CardYes49000Responded to pre-app, they pulled TU. 0% on purchases for 8 months then prime + 6.99%.
Discover Card (Dir.Merch.Nat. Bank/HSBC)AZ64563964939650Yes09/12/08Credit CardYes23000BK ch7 11/05. Counter-offered after Discover Motiva denial.
DiscoverNY0753023500No09/16/08Credit CardNo00 
HSBC/Direct Rewards Discover CardMA6126186310No09/24/08Credit CardYes4500pre approved offer in mail instant approval online
discover moreCA0738757105000No09/30/08Credit CardYes1800010.9 
discover moreCA007300No10/04/08Credit CardYes130018.99 
HSBC/Direct Rewards Discover CardAL5625865990Yes10/08/08Credit CardYes6000 
discover moreTX0071865000No10/26/08Credit CardYes400000% til april 2009 1.9% bal transfers til oct 2009
discover moreFL70667271068000No11/05/08Credit CardYes30000Pulled Equifax. Called for Id Questions and was approved.
discover moreTX63865476375Yes11/05/08Credit CardYes50010.99no debt, BK 7- d/c 2002 not sure were they pulled from yet.
discover moreFL70667271068000No11/06/08Credit CardYes30000Discover pulled Transunion.
discover moreKS0070892000No11/06/08Credit CardYes617.9Applied online. Had to call for address confirmation. Mortgage 96/100% curently, 4 years old with 60 days delinquency around 3/2007. 3CC under debt management with $900 balance out of $5,300 limit. 2cc w/balance of $500 and limit of $4,000. $14,000 Studen
discover moreCA074200No11/08/08Credit CardYes00Online, instant approval. 0% on purchases and bt until 2010, 5-20% cashback, bla bla. 7 new cl's in the past 6 weeks. But CRAPPY limit, less than half of my Chase Visa.
Discover MoreWI71170670262500No11/20/08Credit CardYes900% intro, then 6.99 there-after.
Discover - PlatinumMD69064369945000No11/25/08Credit CardYes100008 
discover moreNV00050No12/06/08Credit CardNo00Preapproval letter in mail. Don't know what file they pulled. Instant approval, but did not say what cl is. I have ONLY good things in all three files. Most balances are below 30% of total limit. Time to build some serious credit now and close some of tho
discover moreNV0000No12/06/08Credit CardYes00Me again from above, I did get an instant approval online. My credit files have recently become A-1. All negatives have dropped off, only 'Green', low utilization accounts.
discover moreNV61559770050000No12/10/08Credit CardNo112010.9They must have pulled TU, my highest fico. Got card in like 4 days after online instant approval. Had they pulled EX, would have been denied. Time for me to Discover more!
DiscoverMN73576575553000No12/17/08Credit CardYes50000BK fell off 12-2008. Instant approval.
discover moreTX67969067570000No12/19/08Credit CardYes450010.99Pulled Transunion. New credit, <2.5yr. Got,applied,preapproved offer in mail. 6th card less than a year. Fico Scores.
DiscoverFL655000No01/10/09Credit CardNo00 
discover moreCA64161265960000No01/13/09Credit CardNo00 
Discover - PlatinumKY7157607610No02/03/09Credit CardYes400010.99 
discover moreGA0069460000No02/03/09Credit CardNo00 
discover moreAR63367066191000No02/21/09Credit CardYes10003.99No BK or Collections, 30% uti. Was sent a flier for the 0% APR on BT, they countered with 3.99%
discover moreAR65465966491000No02/21/09Credit CardYes10000Spouse of the above applicant. No BK, 1 collection from '05. Excellent payment hx, low uti. Approval was mostly based on status as a student.
discover moreIN69069569080No03/02/09Credit CardYes1013Pre-approval in mail. Instant approval online. Less than 2 recent inq's. 4 year old baddies on a closed car loan.
discover moreOH70975168675000No03/05/09Credit CardYes17000Had recent civil judgment. They pulled TU report
discover moreNV65964266382000No03/07/09Credit CardYes110011.93.99 1st 6 month on purchase
discover moreCA0727050000No03/21/09Credit CardYes208015 
DiscoverFL65579466722000No03/26/09Credit CardNo00Derogitory student loan. ONLY pulled Equifax which was the only one to show the loans after dropping off the other 2 CRA's. Have since dropped off all three and they all skyrocketed in the scores. applied 2/26/09. All loans Charged off and deleted just b4
discover moreAL663000No03/28/09Credit CardYes17503.99applied for 0%, but was offered 3.99%; cc utilization is 38%
Discover EscapeSC75400260000No03/28/09Credit CardYes800013.99just applied last month and was denied...some things fell off my credit and score went up 100pts. score is real FICO. once i got came aboard. online instant approval.
Discover EscapeSC75400260000No03/30/09Credit CardNo800013.99more info on this card. they did a soft pull of EQ. I was just denied 30 days ago then reapplied and approved. i really believe that if you get an AMEX card, you will get a Discover card.
Discover CardTX64565164530000No03/31/09Credit CardNo00 
Sams Club Discover/GEMBVA679000No04/04/09Credit CardYes25000they did NOT pull EQ, but EQ is my highest score. approved in-store; cc utilization is about 20%
Discover CardGA565619075000Yes04/04/09Credit CardNo00 
DiscoverSC0075661000No04/05/09Credit CardYes50000Instant Online Approval
DiscoverTX00721145000No04/06/09Credit CardYes60000They only pulled TU and my FICO score was 721 with 1 30 day late in 2005 and UTIL around 20%
Discover Card (Dir.Merch.Nat. Bank/HSBC)AL0000No04/13/09Credit CardNo00 
discover moreVA0068962000No04/14/09Credit CardYes20000Instant Approval.
Discover EscapeNY6000055000No04/15/09Credit CardYes200010 
DiscoverCA68669071060000No04/30/09Credit CardNo00Denied due to recent paid charge-off (Oct 2008). Rep said I wouldve been approved otherwise.
discover moreMI00067000No05/08/09Credit CardNo002yrs clean with subprime card, paid off auto within 2 yrs, 8 mo clean new mortage, Vantage score 649, BUT current PR with GMAC and 4 paid COs in last 2 yrs. Also high UT. Said would have been good but high UT and current issue w GMAC.
discover moreMA7660031000No09/26/09Credit CardYes200018.99Student. Credit history is 2 years old. No baddies.
Discover - PlatinumAL068000No10/06/09Credit CardYes00 
discover moreWA65958569774000No10/20/09Credit CardNo00pulled TU, Denied CL, was offered a platnum discover card through HSBC with a $59 annual fee.
Walmart DiscoverGA6300013No10/23/09Credit CardNo00 
DiscoverWV72771073071000No10/25/09Credit CardNo00 
discover moreTX631063185000No11/02/09Credit CardYes17003.99Was surprised that I was apprived for a 1700 CL. I have no mortgage or car payment, one baddie in 2002 when had to let car go back because husband broke back. This is a reward card, 3.99 until 5/31 and then 18.99 after that. Good card.
discover moreAL6260642140000No11/14/09Credit CardNo00Plenty of income but 3 accounts 60 days past due in last 12 months; percentage of credit being used too high.
Discover ClassicVA650650650100No11/16/09Credit CardNo150023.99 
Discover MotivaNC64361266770400No12/08/09Credit CardNo00High UT, time since last account opened was too short
Discover CardNJ49052356043No12/18/09SecuredNo00 
Walmart DiscoverAL0000No12/19/09Credit CardNo00 
Discover MoreNC62868371974350No12/23/09Credit CardNo00They used Trans Union said not enough revolving credit
Discover MotivaNH00714187000No12/27/09Credit CardYes80000 
Discover CardNJ6556556550No01/19/10Credit CardYes012Applied for the student credit card 3 months ago and was approved instantly. They do not ask for income with the student credit card. Low credit limit but this is my first CC. They pulled Transunion.
discover moreCA669072050000No01/21/10Credit CardNo00Cant win with Discover. No derogs last 3 years and have open amex,cap1, and hsbc with >10 util for last year. recon not accepted
HSBC/Direct Rewards Discover CardTX606000No02/07/10Credit CardYes50018.99Applied for discover miles card got HSBC card instant approval
Discover Card (Dir.Merch.Nat. Bank/HSBC)TN664664788121000No02/26/10Credit CardYes00not sure of limit yet...
Discover MotivaIN0071187000No03/03/10Credit CardYes60003.99Pulled transunion report. Applied online; gave 800 number for me to call in to speak to rep. I called in with a reference number. Verified information; and rep came back and said I was approved. I had tried for this card 3 times in the past was denied; du
discover moreCA670068585000No03/13/10Credit CardNo00Only pulled EQ. Real FICO scores. UT 25%, 2 lates (30 & 60) 2.5 yrs ago. Not approved because of 120-day late on student loan that was supposed to be deferred, 4.5 yrs ago.
discover moreTX742069070000No03/13/10Credit CardYes10000I applied online and was denied. Called for recon and was approved(pulled TU) 1 60 day late(6+ yrs), 1 paid collection/CO (3 yrs), 1 unpaid collection (from 6+ years ago) Low utilizatation (2%). APPROVED!!!
DiscoverNY0692075000No03/18/10Credit CardNo00 
Discover EscapeAL0000No03/31/10Credit CardNo00 
Discover EscapeAL0000No03/31/10Credit CardNo00 
Wallmart discoverFL5205205202200Yes04/01/10AutoNo220000 
Wallmart discoverAL0000No04/01/10Credit CardNo00 
DiscoverCA72307550Yes04/05/10Credit CardYes00Responded online to mailed preapprovals for Discover More. Initially got the 30 day response, called recon # the next day and was approved.
discover moreWV069168846780No04/06/10Credit CardNo00 
discover moreAL5966016570No04/19/10Credit CardYes5000Student Card
Discover MilesIL6100035000No04/25/10Credit CardNo00 
discover moreMN65568969045000No04/26/10Credit CardNo00 
Sams Club Discover/GEMBTX7400071000No05/11/10Credit CardYes27000Already had the private lable sams cc. Applied again 5 months later in the store and was approved for the Discover card this time around. No baddies at all and utilization was roughly 20%.
HSBC/Direct Rewards Discover CardAL65765064130000No05/14/10Credit CardYes100019.99applied for Discover Student card, was instantly approved for this card. Some old baddies and a bk in 2005. Perfect history since then. 0% intro rate for 6 months, then 19.99% Awesome
DiscoverPA0074755000No05/16/10Credit CardYes10000 
Walmart DiscoverTN56958361325000No05/25/10AutoYes00 
Wallmart discoverPA59859859850No07/05/10Credit CardYes00 
Discover MotivaWV61306100Yes07/11/10Credit CardNo00Should've known better
Walmart DiscoverFL720067860000No07/27/10Credit CardYes95022Approved for tier 3 walmart discover. Instant online. One open TL. no baddies
DiscoverCA0764045000No07/28/10Credit CardYes200011.9instant approval online after receiving a pre-approved letter in the mail.
DiscoverAL0000No07/31/10Credit CardNo00 
Discover CardOH6706506605000Yes08/01/10Credit CardNo25000 
Discover - PlatinumPA71807200No08/05/10Credit CardNo200019.99Pulled TU & EQ. Util (52%)One Baddie
HSBC/Direct Rewards Discover CardTX619064350000No08/06/10Credit CardYes30021Applied for Discover counter offered with this. Af of 69.
discoverMD63467069040No08/23/10Credit CardYes50021.99Did not take long for approval (same day). I wish the cl was more (500). Denied for the real discover but recieved the direct rewards discover card, ok I guess
discover moreKS69271070165000No08/29/10Credit CardYes400012.9 
DiscoverTN643673667107000No09/01/10Credit CardYes10003.9Pulled TransUnion, 5 30 days over 4 months old.
Walmart DiscoverCA68669169356No09/07/10Credit CardYes9000Did not approve online instantly due to fraud alert on my CR, called to verify identity and was approved for Walmart Discover Card.
Wallmart discoverPA0620065000No09/08/10Credit CardNo00 
Discover MoreMD70171570148000No09/10/10Credit CardYes400010Pulled transunion 6% util, 1 inq in 12month, great CS 2 old PR > 2.6yrs
DiscoverIL00693128000No09/11/10Credit CardYes400018.9Rebuilding after many lates - none in last 3 years
discover moreME710690686100000No09/12/10Credit CardNo00 
Walmart DiscoverAL0000No09/13/10Credit CardNo00 
discover moreAZ735725735130000No09/22/10Credit CardNo00 
Discover MoreWA0728023000No10/02/10Credit CardYes150016.99Got approved immediately 2 inquires in the last 3 months (both within a week of each of other), 30 day late payment last year , fairly new credit file 3 years old
discoverSD0000No10/07/10Credit CardNo00 
discover moreNC67074375445000No10/08/10Credit CardYes400011.9Pulled Trans. only-lucky for me.
Walmart DiscoverIN0647038500No10/17/10Credit CardYes9000Applied online.Got the 5-7 day response.Called 2 hrs later(WM status app) to check the status.Was missing add'l info.
discover moreNH0072238000No10/18/10Credit CardYes40000instant approval after denied by 2 credit unions
HSBC/Direct Rewards Discover CardIN665647038080No10/26/10Credit CardYes7500Was declined the original DC. Got counter offer.
DiscoverCA61562060041000No10/29/10Credit CardNo00 
Discover - PlatinumSC59857776841000No10/30/10Credit CardYes50007.9pulled EQ first, called and had them pull TU, and was approved. EQ and EX is poor because im still in the process of disputing erros. Good luck all.
Discover MotivaTX6700030000Yes10/30/10Credit CardYes100020.99BK discharged in 2007. 3 open majors with high balances. 2 store cards. only pulled Equifax. 2.99 balance transfer for 18 mos.
Discover CardAL0000No11/03/10Credit CardNo00 
Discover CardAL6056826320No11/05/10Credit CardYes00 
HSBC/Direct Rewards Discover CardMA066063131000No11/14/10Credit CardYes3000applied a prior for a for a orhcard bank gold credit card that was approved. a month later, aplied for a discover card and was denied. A prompt immeadiately showed up saying that i was approved for a HSBC Direct Rewards card w/ a discover logo. I accepted
DiscoverTX67170668025000No11/19/10Credit CardYes15000Applied for student more card, got 7 day message. Called credit dept., asked more info, came back and said I will receive a letter. Asked me if I was employed said yes and full time student said yes. Verified income and lady came back and said I was appro
Discover CardCA657641623130000No11/29/10Credit CardYes150022.99Applied online and rec'd call next day. Gave some information and was denied. Received counter offer and was approved: 0% @ 12 mos on balance transfers (3% fee)
Discover CardWA7550020000No12/10/10Credit CardYes10000App'd on the phone, instant approval. 3 year history, 1 car loan, and a few inquiries
Walmart DiscoverOR620059560000Yes12/13/10Credit CardNo00Have an existing auto loan and Cap One card post BK. Thanks for the hard pull...
discover moreAL7036977320No12/23/10Credit CardYes55000 
discover moreNE6660066000No01/14/11Credit CardYes30000Approved instantly online. Had to call to verify personal info.
discover moreAL0000No01/16/11Credit CardNo00 
HSBC/Direct Rewards Discover CardWA63455960838000No01/31/11Credit CardYes00applied for discover card, got denied. Instantly approved for HSBC discover card 5 collection accounts (tickets) 12 inq in the last year 100% PAID ON TIME
DiscoverAL0000No02/07/11Credit CardNo00 
Discover CardFL729620560100000No02/16/11Credit CardYes25000They usually pull Equifax
discover moreLA686701740140000No02/16/11Credit CardYes46000Pulled Equifax. Had to call to give information, but approved ovet the phone. Initially approved for $4000 limit but increased to $4600 over phone.
Discover ClassicDE68568568513000No02/28/11Credit CardNo00 
discover moreIA0072424No03/07/11Credit CardYes20 
DiscoverLA0001200No03/12/11Credit CardNo00 
Discover PlatinumAL0000No03/14/11Credit CardNo00 
Walmart DiscoverTX7020074000No03/15/11Credit CardYes95022.9 
Discover PlatinumAL0000No03/16/11Credit CardNo00 
Discover PlatinumCA645650640170000No03/16/11Credit CardNo00 
DiscoverVA0065725000No03/21/11Credit CardYes15000Got a call for more information and approved! Tons of inquiries in past month and 10 cards already. Really surprised but happy to be approved.
discoverMD6506506505400No03/21/11Credit CardNo00 
discover moreAL006830No03/22/11Credit CardYes00 
discover moreWY806800820120000No03/22/11Credit CardNo300012.99 
Discover EscapeCO71479977570000No03/22/11Credit CardNo00I have one derogatory over 6 years old and they would not approve me, I have a perfect pay history on all my open accounts I would stay away from Discover card
discover moreGA648066043000No04/03/11Credit CardNo00Extremely low credit utilization, just enough to keep them active. Pulled EQ, denied for paid charge-offs from 4 years ago.
Discover MotivaTX6610651186000No04/08/11Credit CardYes15003.930 day message. Called in and spoke with analyst, who went over CBR. Approved. I have several inquiries on each CBR
discover moreFL7617486740No04/08/11Credit CardYes500001 unpaid 6yrs old collection on TU report, 4 inquiries, all scores FICO except Experian score FAKO
DiscoverTX69064064095000No04/12/11Credit CardYes03.99Dont know limit yet but got approved online easily i think they check TU I assume limit is like 1000 i have 3 more cards low balance 3 previous collections
discover moreMA65064865032000No04/14/11Credit CardYes100022.99APPROVED! $3.99 Intro Rate, %22.99 APR. $1000 Limit, One 13K Auto Loan, CAP-1 $500, HSBC $100, Charge off 5 Yrs Ago. Just approved for card $500 from my Bank as well.. 9 Inq.
Discover CardTX5876086430No04/15/11Credit CardNo00 
DiscoverOH66772166770000No04/16/11Credit CardYes150019Pulled Equifax.Not Instant.They called back to verify some info.Approved.Usuallythey approve If the application says It need some further processing.Should have good payment history.
Discover MoreKS71277077030000No04/26/11Credit CardYes15000applied online, not approved instantly. they called 5 days later to verify information. 0 percent APR for a year on purchases and balance transfers. Pulled TU. Stingy credit limit.
Discover CardGA62558368580000No04/30/11Credit CardNo00 
discover cardKS59160462850000Yes05/04/11Credit CardNo00 
discover moreGA6726586600No05/04/11Credit CardYes17003.99 
Discover MotivaMA68367069332000No05/06/11Credit CardYes150011Two accounts just over a year old in good standing one paid collection/ charge off one in collection currently
Walmart DiscoverMI07006908000No05/08/11Credit CardYes120022.9I was approved instantly for the Walmart Discover. AAOA is 4 months. One student loan. Two citi cards and and Amex Zync opened within the last 5 months.
discover moreAK63966064658000No05/15/11Credit CardYes100020.99Approved online, called next day for more info. Past negatives - paid collections and chargeoffs, all over 3 years old. Pulled EQ
Walmart DiscoverWA5836086183000No05/16/11Credit CardNo00 
discover moreMA0000No05/18/11Credit CardYes222Transrisk fako score is 669, credit sesame score is 773. Last negative is 2 year old lien. 1 other negative 4 years old.
discoverFL68072073975000No05/29/11Credit CardYes50000 
discover moreNY64262863972000Yes05/31/11Credit CardYes100023.99Got msg to call customer service. They verified info and approved me for $1000.
DiscoverFL0074550000No06/04/11Credit CardYes20 
discoverNY749730734600000Yes06/05/11Credit CardNo00 
Discover Student More CardMI0005300No06/10/11Credit CardYes5000I applied and got the 30 message. I was approved the next morning. I had 4 inquiries in the last 6 months and AAoA 3 months. Oldest account is 10 months old. My fako scores are high 600's low 700's.
discover moreNJ74071170480000No06/13/11Credit CardYes40000Approved online instantly. Had to call to verify a little info. 0% introductory rate for 1 year. Had pre-approved letter and code. Pulled TransUnion.
discover moreIL68500110No06/18/11Credit CardYes520.99No af. 6 mo. 0% APR
discover moreNJ0071325000No06/20/11Credit CardYes25000Pulled EX, one previous inquiry in last 12mo., instant approval, 18mo. no interest on BT. EX ~700.
Sams Club Discover/GEMBKY720074586000Yes06/21/11Credit CardYes350014First mortgage made scores jump up 15 points. Very little inquiries. BK 07.
Discover More CardNH663000No06/22/11Credit CardYes10Pulled Equifax 1 collection about 3 years old.
HSBC/Direct Rewards Discover CardTX63362267053000No06/23/11Credit CardYes50019Applied for Discover Motiva, got Counter Offer for this Card. 59$ AF
Discover More CardCA656070160000No06/28/11Credit CardYes200019.99pulled trans union
Discover MotivaOH66964165045Yes06/30/11Credit CardYes022bk7 discharged exactly one year ago.Disch was 6/29/10 was approved 6/30/11. I was told that they like to see one year of good credit history. started with secure cc, lots of rebulding
Discover Student More CardFL00010000No06/30/11Credit CardYes1000018 years old, 2 inquiries, 1st CC approved. Lady on the phone was very very nice. Gave me $1000 CL.
discover moreIL65564465065000No07/03/11Credit CardNo00 
Discover MoreMI72872874039400Yes07/05/11Credit CardYes150017.9Scores are FAKO. Discharged Discover debt in BK in 2004. App'ed in 2010 and approved.
Discover More CardCA654683687165000No07/06/11Credit CardYes100014.991 judgement 4 years old and 1 charege off 1 year old.
Discover MotivaOH62365567457200No07/09/11Credit CardYes100022Applied for Discover More and was give the Motiva as a counter offer
Discover CardNY66564075855000No07/10/11Credit CardYes300016 
Discover MoreUT61900210000No07/15/11Credit CardNo00FICO - too many inq. to many new accounts. no new loan info.
Discover CardAL0000No07/16/11Credit CardNo00 
Walmart DiscoverOH07490144000No07/19/11Credit CardYes240022.9Had to call in for security verification questions. Approved with much smaller limit than my other cards.
Discover More CardOH715710742250000No07/21/11Credit CardYes75000Pulled TransUnion. Approved online.
discover more cardAL00042000No07/27/11Credit CardNo00given 5-7 message.called two days high late payments.length of credit history to short.
discoverGA0000No07/30/11Credit CardYes10000got 3 offers in mail applied online and nothing three days later they called and asked questions and approved guess I cant complain but I am 1000 no cf and no br dont know who they pulled
Discover CardTX641664680194000No07/31/11Credit CardNo30000I was approved a year ago and then I called to confirm the card approval then I was told by customer service they were not giving new accounts. Anyway, I was sent an approval letter.
Discover CardFL000876No08/04/11Credit CardNo00 
Discover More CardVA0717096000No08/10/11Credit CardYes25000Good Scores but I had over 20 inquiries.
HSBC/Direct Rewards Discover CardNY62962762932000Yes08/20/11Credit CardYes100018.99Instantly approved 3 days had the card.
DiscoverMD59359061074800No08/25/11Credit CardNo00 
Discover More CardMI0066486000Yes08/27/11Credit CardNo00Applied online for Discover More, received msg unable to approve with offer for Discover Motiva with $1,000 limit
Discover MotivaMI0066486000Yes08/27/11Credit CardYes10003.99Applied online for Discover More, rcvd msg unable to approve with offer for Discover Motiva with $1,000 limit.
Discover More CardNC0070062000No08/31/11Credit CardYes40000Received pre-approved mailer. Applied online and approved about a day later. 0% on purchases and balance transfers for 12 months. 18.99 APR thereafter.
Discover More CardTN692655692138No08/31/11Credit CardYes40000Didn't think I would ever get approved. After completing the application, the site state they would contact me in 5-7 days. I called CS spoke with them..they verified info..APPROVED! Yeaaaa!
Walmart DiscoverAL6256256250No09/05/11Credit CardNo00 
discover moreAL0061715000No09/10/11Credit CardNo00had 1 collection, too many inquires, high balance on other cards.
Discover More CardLA69070070975000No09/10/11Credit CardNo00 
Discover More CardLA69070070985000No09/10/11Credit CardNo00 
Walmart DiscoverMA0072090No09/18/11Credit CardYes16000TU is fako. Other 2 CRs are frozen. They have no control over which CR is pulled. Ap'd 3x in 1 day and 1 pulled TU and approval!
Discover More CardNV6800032000No09/19/11Credit CardYes100015 
Discover More CardMN691068825000No09/19/11Credit CardYes100022.9Applied Discover More 0% starting counter offered with Discover More 3.9% 6 Months
Discover CardSC64764363441495No09/21/11Credit CardYes35000 
Discover More CardPA73267264836000No09/22/11Credit CardYes250022.99Applied for 0%, countered with 3% for 6 months. Called to confirm and the rep extended an offer for 18 months at 3% for balance transfer
Walmart DiscoverAL0000No09/24/11Credit CardNo00 
Discover MoreTX68770269274500No09/25/11Credit CardYes45000 
Discover More CardAL0073843000No09/25/11Credit CardYes00 
DiscoverAL0073843000No09/26/11Credit CardYes30000instant approval; had to call to verify person.
discover moreUT657663657175000No09/29/11Credit CardYes17003.9not instant, had to call in to chat. pulled both tu and equifax
Discover More CardAL66067267675000No10/06/11Credit CardYes100000% introductory rate not sure what real rate is yet...
Discover More CardCO067867846000No10/10/11Credit CardYes30000Uknown APR. FICO scores are official lender pulls 30 days previous. Amex zync approved day before. Unknown which CRA pulled but not experian this time, new credit less than 8 months of history
Discover More CardGA608061141800No10/12/11Credit CardNo00Pulled EQ and TU. Denied due to lates (over 3 years old), collection, and judgement (all paid except for 1 collection). Also, AAoA too low and util is too high.
Discover More CardMA6810052000No10/21/11Credit CardYes75000 
Discover MoreTX0074446000No10/24/11Credit CardYes20000Recently fixed credit, up from 618. Limited credit history- 1 car loan, 1 secured credit card for 2 yrs. Never late on any payments for 2 yrs.
DiscoverAL006470No10/25/11Credit CardNo00 
Discover More CardFL64500142000No10/27/11Credit CardYes500018.990% for the first 18months, then 18.99 afterward.
DiscoverLA63663665060000Yes10/27/11Credit CardYes100024.99Bankruptcy discharged 8/08.
discoverSC5960053000No10/30/11Credit CardNo00 
Discover MotivaMI6550063000Yes11/04/11Credit CardYes17000BK7 discharged 08/08, instant online approval.
Discover CardAL065000No11/04/11Credit CardNo20000 
discoverCT0650053000No11/04/11Credit CardNo00 
Discover More CardPA6490065000No11/04/11Credit CardYes100014.5Score is FICO. Applied online and said I will receive an answer in 5-7 days. I have a fraud alert so I called in. 10 mins on the phone and got approved.
DiscoverCA0069760000No11/07/11Credit CardYes1000022.99 APR after 12 mos. intro period
Wallmart discoverAL0000No11/10/11Credit CardNo00 
discoverTN00038000No11/12/11Credit CardNo00received 30 day message, called in rep said i need a co-applicant because i am young.
Discover More CardCA0661045000No11/12/11Credit CardYes50018.99 
Walmart DiscoverNY0070455000No11/16/11Credit CardYes24500Instant instore 1.2K CLI to 2450
DiscoverPA68470868252000Yes11/17/11Credit CardYes75000very surpised with the 7500 CL
discoverCA666065770000No11/27/11Credit CardYes10000 
Discover More CardIA0070255000No11/27/11Credit CardYes10003.99Short credit history - 5 months. Great payment history. Applied online and they called to verify info. Said limit will increase with 6 mos. on time payments
Discover moreGA0069691000No12/06/11Credit CardYes50000Did not get an instant decision, the Representative called one business day after and reviewed my credit report by phone.
Discover More CardFL6800041248No12/09/11Credit CardYes10003.93.9 for 6 mos then 22.9 BK in 2002 should fall off in Mar 2012
Discover More CardGA643066055000No12/10/11Credit CardNo00Denied. 2 recent cards in last 6 mounths. 3% Utilization. paid tax lien from 2009. Chargeoffs form 3+ years ago. offered HSBC Discovor with $400 limit.
Discover More CardPA679068134600No12/10/11Credit CardYes30000 
DISCOVERTX000812No12/10/11Credit CardNo7001 
Discover Student More CardGA6006006002000No12/17/11Credit CardNo00 
DiscoverAL0000No12/27/11Credit CardNo00 
Discover More CardNY6260043000No12/28/11Credit CardYes10003.5I applied over the phone for the Discover More 18mths 0 balance transfer instead got Discover More 6mth 3.5 APR and 0% on new purchases. Used it to transfer 2 high interest low credit cards.
Discover Student More CardNJ6660010000No12/29/11Credit CardYes100020.99Applied online, got a "call in for decision or wait 5-10 days for a letter" So I called, the CSR was friendly and got me approved with a 1k limit. I have 7 months of credit history with 1 CC, which was at 39% util at time of application. My EQ is FICO
Discover MoreNV00662105000Yes12/30/11Credit CardNo00Instant denial, cited BK. Called backdoor to recon still denied. CSR said to re-app in 6 months. Guess I'll just stick with my Cap 1 Rewards.
Discover More CardCA069373758No01/08/12Credit CardYes50000Received a pre-approval letter in the mail. Applied online but had to call in for approval.
Discover EscapeVA0711054000No01/09/12Credit CardYes450015.99 
Discover More CardNC689068827600No01/12/12AutoYes70004.75For used car purchase. 5 inquiries, 5 positive accounts, 1 4-year old unpaid collection
Discover EscapeNJ6280055No01/12/12Credit CardYes419.9Applied online for Discover Escape. Rec'd message to call to expedite processing. A few questions later I was approved. 0% APR for 6 mos. Score is Rico.
Discover More CardCA68068067563Yes01/22/12Credit CardNo00BK discharged 11/09; reason given for denial was only for BK/ Ch7. Called cust. svc., still declined.
Discover More CardPA7970041600No01/23/12Credit CardYes30Applied online got the "recieve a letter in 5-7 days" called in was approved.
Discover More CardIL72071074070000No01/23/12Credit CardYes300019A good bit of inquiries in within the past 2yrs but happy approved
Discover CardCA70070070090000No01/26/12Credit CardYes170019Crappy $1700 limit. I have a Visa with a $10K limit. I almost cut it up and mailed it back.
Discover More CardCO648725677185000Yes01/28/12Credit CardYes10003.99Intro Rate for 6mo. Dismissed BK in 09. Initial credit limit for 6 months. Called Recon.
Discover More CardCO7470072000No01/30/12Credit CardYes600011.99Pulled Equifax and called in to verify identity due to fraud alert on report
Discover Student More CardAL0000No01/31/12Credit CardNo00 
Discover More CardNY7317387410No02/01/12Credit CardYes019.9Pulled my Equifax report.
Discover MotivaAZ69368071140No02/03/12Credit CardYes10000Approved with a counter offer @ 17% apr. Auto review every 6 months for CLI.
Discover More CardCT7010056No02/08/12Credit CardYes550022Two CO's dofd 12/05 and 12/06 CA 15/05 No INQ's since 3/11. NO neg data reported since 5/09
Discover motivaCO67368767550000Yes02/10/12Credit CardYes100000% interest for 12months then 12.9
Discover EscapeMO711071144000No02/11/12Credit CardYes20000one baddie from 09. rebuilding. 5-7 inquries. 3 other cards with small limits and balances
Walmart DiscoverAL0000No02/24/12Credit CardNo00 
Discover More CardIL6790693212000No02/29/12Credit CardYes650000% for 15 mos.on BT and Purchases (81% UTIL, $71K rev debt)
Discover More CardCA68571066527500No03/02/12Credit CardYes10000Applied online got 5-7 day message. Called in to verify info, instantly approved!!! only 1k , the CSR said after 6 months they increase CL
DiscoverAL0000No03/04/12Credit CardNo00 
DiscoverFL00054000No03/07/12Credit CardYes17000Tried 4 times in the past year and finally approved!
Discover MoreMI66661464820000No03/07/12Credit CardYes150022.99Applied for 0%, counter offered 3.99%. Only 8 months of history. Also have BofA Student and 2 cap one cards.
Walmart DiscoverMO0069068000No03/12/12Credit CardYes20000online upgrade offer from walmart store card had 2600 limit. only given 2000 on Walmart Discover, will accept, better card for credit reporting and future increases
Walmart DiscoverMO006900No03/12/12Credit CardYes20000Continued= CSR said upgrade replaces Walmart store card no hard pull. no loss of account age on the upgrade from Walmart store to Walmart Discover.
Discover More CardTX6380050300No03/14/12Credit CardYes10000Only pulled Equifax. Since I just moved, had to speak with a credit analyst. Approved over the phone in 10 mins.
Discover More CardNC64969264925No03/15/12Credit CardYes100017Applied online, not approve immediately instead called customer service and received an offer in 5 minutes. Clean credit report except for a collection account that was payoff in total within the last 6 months.
Discover More CardWV064275045000No03/18/12Credit CardYes10003.99Discover checked EQ and TU. was approved for $1000. 1 collection account 6 years ago,
Walmart DiscoverIN64565164325000No03/18/12Credit CardNo00 
Discover More CardGA68268677152000No03/21/12Credit CardYes20000I applied through phone and got approved.
Discover MilesAL0000No03/28/12Credit CardNo00 
Discover More CardMO68769668568000No03/28/12Credit CardYes170018Approved 1700. Declined the card. Needed for balance transfer and can not use the small limit.
Discover MotivaKS661067662400Yes04/02/12Credit CardNo00Pulled EQ Only. Declined solely for reason of Bankruptcy. Discharged 7/2009. App'd 3/26/2012.
Sams Club Discover/GEMBWV68973073038No04/10/12Credit CardYes100Approved 10k at store, no neg's. 7 month credit history
Discover More CardIL70671205000No04/10/12Credit CardYes50000got pre approved offer in mail. AAoA is 8 months. FICO score is 661. no late payments, no -v marks in credit report. 0%APR for first 15mnths. after that 10.5-19.5 %
Discover More CardMA729070648000No04/12/12Credit CardYes350019.99EQ FICO: 729. AAoA: 4 years exactly. Util 1%. No inquries. Last baddie 2009. Instant approval. Previous highest CL was $1250
Discover MoreWA776783774100000No04/14/12Credit CardYes50000applied online instant approval. 15 months 0%
Discover More CardNY74571372648000No04/17/12Credit CardYes500027 hard inquiries, few new accounts, instant approval
Discover More CardIN66267069455000Yes04/28/12Credit CardNo00Declined for charge off accounts from bankruptcy. Less than 10% Utilization with no baddies since Bankruptcy 4 yrs. Pulled Equifax as well as a FICO score. I would recommend staying away unless you are in the 700's.
Discover More CardIL59664465567392No04/30/12Credit CardYes12000 
DiscoverIN65065065047000Yes05/04/12Credit CardNo00 
Walmart DiscoverNC69371466364700No05/04/12Credit CardYes00App'd in store... rcv'd 24 hr shopping pass temp limit $400... Permanent limit will be sent w/ card per approval sheet...
Discover More CardMN6850085000No05/04/12Credit CardYes100019Instant approval. 2 judgements from 06 and 07. Paid in full.
Discover MilesMO070901No05/07/12Credit CardYes213.5Rep called. Answered a few questions. Many recient inquiries because of a recent car re-finance, but they approved for 2,500 CL
Discover MotivaTN61663667650000No05/08/12Credit CardYes100022.9Pulled TU APPROVED. Had to Call in to answer questions
Discover MoreNC700602725204No05/09/12Credit CardYes107-10 day letter info from other boards said call. I did, approved. I may have been more but I told UW I use my credit cards for major repairs and such and pay them off in 3-4 months. So got stuck with $1,200. May use for food then pay off every 20 days
discoverGA0690062400No05/12/12Credit CardNo00was approved back in December 2011
Sams Club Discover/GEMBCO00755110000No05/22/12Credit CardYes500022.9offered at checkout.
Discover More CardTX664070189000No05/25/12Credit CardYes30000Instant Approval online... No bad info on CR, AAoA 1yr
Discover MotivaMO707074840000No05/31/12Credit CardYes600020.9915 Months 0% on Purchases and Balance Transfers
Discover PA633076052000No06/03/12Credit CardYes130000 
discover matrixAL650600645120000Yes06/04/12Credit CardYes30022they offer unsecured, and secured. I recieved unsecured via internet app.
Walmart DiscoverAL0000No06/05/12Credit CardNo00 
discover moreDE674067092000No06/06/12Credit CardYes120001 paid col 1 vacated judgemnt not yet removed..instant approv
discover matrixNH64857158338000No06/08/12Credit CardYes30028.8Approved for unsecured- high APR, low limit, fees are high, but this will speed up the rebuild process.
DiscoverPA7790070000No06/10/12Credit CardYes1250016.990.0 intro apr
Discover More CardGA6940054000No06/11/12Credit CardYes10003.9Pulled EQ, Needed to call and verify information.
Walmart DiscoverNY670070635000No06/12/12Credit CardYes120012.99instantly approved. only apped for the free monthly TU FICO score
Discover CardTX61866364655000No06/14/12Credit CardNo00 
Wallmart discoverAL0000No06/17/12Credit CardNo00 
discover matrixNY05690252000No06/18/12Credit CardYes30025long rebuilding process
Sams Club Discover/GEMBTX0065840No06/20/12Credit CardYes300022.9got a pre-approval at register using my regular debit card. went to member services and applied. Instant approval for the full 3,000!
discoverAL0000No06/24/12Credit CardNo00 
discoverAL0000No06/24/12Credit CardNo00 
Discover MoreAZ0712059000No06/25/12Credit CardYes15000New Card.....yes! 1500cl more
DiscoverKY6480045000No06/30/12Credit CardYes12503.99one collection, one good standing revolving acct, many student loans (all up to date). High debt-income ratio. Called in app and approved for Discover More card.
Matrix/Discover/Continental FinanceMO6380062000No07/02/12Credit CardYes30029Unsecured account.
Discover More CardNJ70166268850000No07/02/12Credit CardYes25000Used TU to do CLI from 500 Asked for 1K total bumped up to 2.5K
Discover Cashback Bonus CardCA0069965000No07/06/12Credit CardYes15000Instant online approval, low limit sucks.
Discover CardAR60859869050000No07/07/12Credit CardNo20000 
Discover EscapeIL73974274184000No07/07/12Credit CardYes800015.9 
Walmart DiscoverFL0063025000No07/10/12Credit CardYes8000Got a 7-10 days wait notice, called in a couple of days and was approved! So happy, this is my second credit card:) they pulled transunion
Discover EscapeIL7300095000No07/12/12Credit CardYes800015.4They only ran equifax
Discover MoreAR71271870852000No07/14/12Credit CardYes550014.99 
Discover Student CardDE0008500No07/18/12Credit CardYes50012 
Matrix/Discover/Continental FinanceLA5715236198000No07/25/12Credit CardYes30022.9instant online approval. Yay...OMW to rebuilding!
Wal Mart DiscoverCA0070090500No07/25/12Credit CardYes180023.99Instantly approved Temporary credit line 500 until i get the card GECRB pulls Transunion here in California
Discover Cashback Bonus CardAL0000No07/26/12Credit CardNo00 
Discover NY56159860422500No07/26/12Credit CardYes150022.99Have 6 negs on EX but called me a few days after submitting. Talked w/rep. Approved w/1500 limit!
Wal Mart DiscoverNY72172172132000No08/02/12Credit CardYes15000Scores are USAA Fako Scores. No baddies on report. They pulled EX and TU. AAoA was 2.2 years. Had to call and verify but was approved.
discoverMA061066478000No08/05/12Credit CardNo00 
Discover More CardVA62267067080000No08/05/12Credit CardNo00State Lien(didnt know I had), Bankruptcy 13 years old, 4 open credit cards 2 with zero balance, 2 with low balance. No lates in the last 4 yrs. recently approved for walmart and texaco & chevron card
discover moreNJ74579172625No08/06/12Credit CardYes150011.99I had to call to update ID after a 3 day wait. Got 0% for 18 months
DiscoverRI00020000No08/07/12Credit CardYes100018.99Discover More Student.. Mid 600 Scores
Discover CardME698715709107000No08/09/12Credit CardYes75000Pulled Equifax. I was initally denied but I called there was an issue with my address verification, strange. After that was fixed, approved with 0% interest for 6 months.
DiscoverNV69368964486000No08/10/12Credit CardYes15000Had to call to verify some info but at the end they approved first prime CC after a year of rebuilding.
Discover More CardNH7240080000Yes08/10/12Credit CardYes500019.99BK7 in '08, 13% util, 1 inq
Discover CardNJ56256057525000Yes08/15/12Credit CardNo019.99Rep told me reason for decline: bankruptcy too recent and too many inquiries (10+). Told me wait 2 years, should be approved so long as there are only a few inquiries.
Discover More CardCA67564565575000No08/16/12Credit CardYes12003.9Got the 5-7 days message. Called Recon line to give add't info. Was approved on different terms than promoted over the phone. 2 Col settled, one disputed 6yr AAoa
Discover More CardOH71672569852000No08/18/12Credit CardYes150014.9got 5 day notice, called uw verified some info and approved 1 6.5 yr col, aaoa 2y
Discover moreCA067064044000No08/18/12Credit CardYes17000 
DiscoverNC76078074065No08/24/12AutoYes50000received preapprovals in mail,I ignored them bcz I had a 1996 UNPAID charge off with them,(Iwas19)instant apprvl,didnt give limit or apr, called got 5K and adv apr info will be mailed with card
discover moreHI0648048000No08/25/12Credit CardYes15000 
Discover More CardAL0000No08/25/12Credit CardNo00 
Discover More CardVA6650089No08/26/12Credit CardYes10instant online approval.
Discover MilesMD6730713120000No08/27/12Credit CardYes150010.99I had one baddie but it was paid. They didn't give me a instant decision but they called the next day with questions after that they game me a approval.
Discover More CardCA00095000No08/27/12Credit CardYes150023.99To my surprise, I cannot find any discover inquiry from my credit report and I was approved on the phone instantly on May 17th.
DiscoverMD62664364435No08/29/12Credit CardNo00Steady job,3 collections 1 unpaid judgment that im paying.some paid ans unpaid charge offs.
Discover More CardAR6626800100Yes08/31/12Credit CardNo00Its all about the credit score..I make 100k, have not had a late payment in 2 years. But make a lot of late payments acouple years ago with a bankrupty. dont apply unless you are PERFECT
discoverTX62563067545000No08/31/12Credit CardYes100022.9"discover it card" initially denied. (5-7 day message) called for recon and was approved after asking some questions about current debt and credit cards. 3.99% for 6 months and 22.9 after that. this is my 3rd prime card!! great customer service btw
Discover More CardNC74473070562000No09/01/12Credit CardYes350010.99Hard pull on Equifax, had credit counceling 4 years ago with them, paid in full - no blacklist
discover matrixCA0580060No09/03/12SecuredYes30029.9Instant approval but deposit required. Annual $75 fee, but I need the card to rebuild credit and with the Discover name will rebuld it faster. Will keep purchases small and will keep a small balance each month to show consistent payment history.
Discover More CardAL759000No09/04/12Credit CardYes20000No negatives, late payments. Had 2 current hard inqs.
DiscoverTX67267566972000No09/07/12Credit CardYes150022.990% INITAL INTEREST RATE
Discover More CardNC0064050000No09/08/12Credit CardNo00 
Walmart DiscoverTX67267266975000No09/08/12Credit CardYes6000Called for recon after 7-10 days gave low initial limit will work to get higher
Discover More CardTX0067946000No09/14/12Credit CardYes12500Got approved, have a CO from them from college. Am an AU on my Father's Discover card....low limit but I will work from here.
Discover More Cash BackAZ7400065800Yes09/14/12Credit CardYes519.99Invitational Offer: 0% APR until 12/2013 then 19.99%. APR xfr bal 0% til 11/2012 then 19.99%. No Annual Fee. BK 2007.
Discover ITVA693069032000No09/16/12Credit CardYes200019.99Pulled EQ.6+ inq in last year.Last late 2 years ago, 1 pd collection
Discover - MotivaPA660062270000No09/18/12Credit CardNo03.99Applied online, got processing message. CSR called me to go over a few things from my report and approved me over the phone. 3.99% promotional rate for 6 months then 24.99% after that.
Discover MoreLA0064030000No09/19/12Credit CardYes170001 charge off 1 collection 1 authority user in to verify info......great first credit card after charge off
Walmart DiscoverTX0704063000No09/20/12Credit CardYes180022.99Instant online approval. Pulled TU.
Discover More Cash BackNY0062338000No09/24/12Credit CardYes120033% interest for 6 months
discoverNY0531056000No09/25/12Credit CardNo00 
discover moreAL006370No09/25/12Credit CardNo00 
discover moreNY006370No09/25/12Credit CardNo00 
discover matrixAZ0065620000No09/25/12Credit CardYes3000 
Discover More Cash BackCA716002700No09/28/12Credit CardYes10Instantly approved online
Discover More Cash BackCA716000No09/28/12Credit CardYes15000Instantly approved online for $1,500
Discover MotivaTX000149100No09/30/12Credit CardYes40000Exp Plus score 703 Util 13% pd co from '08 (only baddie) App said 0% for 15 mos on prchs/bal xfers Took me five years to get here! Wow!
Discover MoreFL0065245000Yes10/04/12Credit CardYes00 
Discover ITIL776000No10/06/12Credit CardYes00Applied online and was prompted to call in. Once called in I had an instant approval! 0% for the first 15 months!! Woo Hoo!
Discover More CardMA7390035000No10/08/12Credit CardYes30000app'd with only 5 1/2 months credit history. only have 1 CC. approved instantly!
Discover MotivaPA661672704110000Yes10/09/12Credit CardYes10000Applied for Discover More, said they would let me knoww in 5-7 days. Called and they approved Motiva card after a few questions. Bankruptcy was discharged 08/11, car loan and 3 other credit cards, all in excelent standing.
Discover More CardGA680676689100000Yes10/09/12Credit CardYes100019.92 year old BK. Was approved after talking to a credit analyst
DiscoverMA67464069958000No10/09/12Credit CardYes200010.9Started out with BoA secure visa, after 9 months no lates. Applied online was denied called CS was asked to verify personal info, got approved, 3rd unsecured credit card in less than 2 wks, I'mall set now
Discover Student CardFL0067897500No10/10/12Credit CardNo00Excessive inquiries and collection. But, it still stated I didn't score enough for the card anyways. Pulled Transunion. Real score is 693. Wonder where they got 678 from? Wanted the card for balance transfer. Oh, well. Guess I won't be paying their
Discover More Cash BackNV00064000No10/10/12Credit CardYes250002 years of no payments on my mort. foreclosed one month before, offer in mail. all other loans in perfect standing!
Sams Club Discover/GEMBCO00755106No10/12/12Credit CardYes500022.9 
Discover Student More CardTX62865165425000No10/16/12Credit CardYes120022.99 
Discover ITFL0070553000No10/18/12Credit CardYes200019.99Instant Aproval
Walmart DiscoverFL0080239No10/19/12Credit CardYes420022.9 
DiscoverMD68066070575000Yes10/23/12Credit CardNo00They said no because of my bk thats 4 years old
Discover Student More CardFL007509000No10/24/12Credit CardYes150013.99 
Discover More Cash BackGA709067280000No10/26/12Credit CardYes200001 30daylate 9 months other lates in 4 years.1 paid charge off from 5 years ago. mortgage & 6 positive items.
Discover CardAL0000No10/27/12Credit CardNo00 
Discover ItFL70072071242000No10/28/12Credit CardYes10000Bk 7 in 2005. Nothing bad since....9 inq
Discover MotivaNY688069250000No10/29/12Credit CardYes15000 
Discover More CardAL0000No11/01/12Credit CardNo00 
DiscoverAL0000No11/02/12Credit CardNo00 
Wal Mart DiscoverNY68867969065000No11/04/12Credit CardYes100015Instant approval with 1000 CL. DISCOVER!!
DiscoveryAL00019000No11/05/12Credit CardYes180022.8 
Discover MotivaAZ621630610125000No11/08/12Credit CardYes150015applied online, rec'd 5-7 and call app spec for expedite. called and approved after questions about lates (15-18 mos ago, 5 lates). new car loan, charge. low scores but credit is solid and low util. approved! thank you discover!
Discover MoreCA71271571050000No11/10/12Credit CardYes12000 
Discover MotivaAZ650660667125000No11/14/12Credit CardYes150015Correcting my last post - entered the wrong scores. applied online, rec'd 5-7 and call app spec for expedite. called and approved after questions about lates (15-18 mos ago, 5 lates). new car loan, charge. low scores but credit is solid and low util. app
discoverAL0000No11/17/12Credit CardNo00 
Wallmart discoverNC6550050No11/19/12Credit CardYes00 
Discover NH0745040000No11/20/12Credit CardYes50000 
Discover More CardWA7300060000No11/20/12Credit CardYes200019.99Score supplied by creditor
Discover ITTX59762760945000No11/21/12Credit CardYes12000Four collections; 3 medical, 1 old bank account.
Discover More CardOR00040000No11/21/12Credit CardYes7500Only had 5 months of credit history.
Walmart DiscoverNC0066271No11/23/12Credit CardYes30000Upgrade from Walmart Credit Card. CLI from 800 to 3k with acceptance of Discover. Only had Walmart CC for 14 months.
Wal Mart DiscoverAL006390No11/25/12Credit CardNo00 
Discover More CardOH0066436000No11/26/12Credit CardNo120019Had to call in and talk to CSR. Approved after that.
discover morePA0065242000No11/27/12Credit CardNo00Denied. Called in and they.couldn't tell me anything. Collections medical ... recent three years good. Got approved for 4 credit catds recently.
Walmart DiscoverMD54554554542000No11/28/12Credit CardNo00 
Discover ITGA634647060000No11/30/12Credit CardYes10003.99 
Discover More CardMI00068000No12/01/12Credit CardNo00Previous CO (Paid) from 2009 reported. TU (FAKO) 717, called for recon but advised me to wait for mailed response. 3rd time declined for Discover
Wal Mart DiscoverNV745074566500No12/01/12Credit CardYes20000Approved instantly online for Walmart Discover with a CL of $1,100. Called in for reconsideration and got approved for $2,000.
Discover More CardIL8060055000No12/03/12Credit CardYes750012.99Instant Approval
discover moreAL0074820000No12/06/12Credit CardYes25000 
Discover MotivaTX65367364280000No12/09/12Credit CardYes12000 
Matrix/Discover/Continental FinanceNV0545056000Yes12/10/12Credit CardNo00 
Wal Mart DiscoverVA00050000No12/11/12Credit CardNo00 
DiscoverTX61200125000No12/13/12Credit CardNo00Pull Equifax - Key factors that affected your credit score were as follows: 1) SERIOUS DELINQUENCY, AND DEROGATORY PUBLIC RECORD OR COLLECTION FILED 2) NUMBER OF ACCOUNTS WITH DELINQUENCY 3) LENGTH OF TIME ACCOUNTS HAVE BEEN
Walmart DiscoverAL0000No12/13/12Credit CardNo00 
Walmart DiscoverTN67265772065000No12/14/12Credit CardYes125022.9Instant online approval
Discover More CardTX00031000No12/14/12Credit CardYes75004 Months of Credit History, 2% Util, 2 Others Credit Cards, CreditKarma Fako Score 688
Walmart DiscoverMI0072069000No12/16/12Credit CardYes70022.9Tons of inquiries. No CA/CO's, 1 pd judgement from 2006. Got it for the free TU FICO
Discover More CardAL0000No12/17/12Credit CardYes30000 
Discover More CardAL0000No12/17/12Credit CardNo00 
discoverAL0000No12/17/12Credit CardNo00 
Walmart DiscoverMA00017000No12/17/12Credit CardYes00 
discover itIL65563060950No12/18/12Credit CardYes10000 
Discover ITCA641004000No12/19/12Credit CardNo00 
Discover ITCA6980096000No12/19/12Credit CardYes100019.99Approved but low CL. I had one 30 day late 15 months ago
Discover ITAL064100No12/21/12Credit CardNo00 
Walmart DiscoverNV692071556000No12/24/12Credit CardYes22000Instant online approval for the Discover version.
Discover Cashback Bonus CardND6920058000No12/27/12Credit CardYes45009Applied after receiving preapproved invite. Instantaneous online approval
Discover CA7200012700No01/07/13Credit CardYes15000Student Card. New to credit, only auth user on my moms cc for 2 yrs.
Discover ITCA711068371000No01/07/13Credit CardYes30000Not instant. Called number and answered questions. Waited on hold for supervisor to review. Approved!
Discover ITTX773605698100000No01/09/13Credit CardNo00 
Walmart DiscoverAL5755755750No01/10/13Credit CardYes00 
Discover ITMO62964568456000No01/11/13Credit CardYes40000 
Discover More CardMT7580025000No01/12/13Credit CardYes15000 
Discover ITCA0074370000No01/12/13Credit CardYes2500220% interest 1 year
Discover ITFL620650669120000No01/12/13Credit CardYes150019.99Not approved online. I called them and get approved fast.
Discover ITKY0639025000No01/12/13Credit CardYes12000didnt get 0% intro apr, got 3.99% intro apr...
Discover ITMI66871367088000Yes01/12/13Credit CardYes100022.99BK filed 2007 & discharged 2012. New credit established before application with Discover. Assume lower credit line because their score is bank-card enhanced and put me almost 50 points lower than myFico score. Scoring model probably dings new account ope
Discover Student CardMI64364362826000No01/15/13Credit CardYes50012.99 
Discover ITVA0067135000No01/18/13Credit CardYes1011 month credit history Fulton Bank secured cc $300, unsecured Capital One $300, New car loan $8400, 6 INQ
Discover ITVA0067135000No01/18/13Credit CardYes1500011 month credit history Fulton Bank secured cc $300, unsecured Capital One $300, New car loan $8400, 6 INQ
Walmart DiscoverVA0067135000No01/19/13Credit CardYes8000Applied 7-10 day message called answered info approved $800 11 month history 8 INQ 3 New accounts this month including car loan
Discover ITTX677072446No01/20/13Credit CardYes60Pulled TU Score. Very surprised by CL, much higher than any other limits I have.
Discover ITAL73172577145000No01/24/13Credit CardYes150014 
Discover itFL00055000No01/24/13Credit CardYes03.99Declined for 0% balance transfer, approved fro 3.99% - don't know credit limit
Discover ITTN672069340000No01/30/13Credit CardNo00unsure why denied. Likely to much available credit. Have 1 baddie from 5 years ago. Util under 10% Have 4 Amex Cards, Barclay Visa, and several GE backed cards.
Discover ITNC0072220000No02/01/13Credit CardYes150018.99 
Discover ITNJ6830074400Yes02/03/13Credit CardYes00 
Discover ITIL67466166637000No02/06/13Credit CardYes150015.99 
DiscoverTX6806806800No02/07/13Credit CardYes00 
DiscoverTX0000No02/07/13Credit CardNo00 
DISCOVERCO64967369989000Yes02/07/13Credit CardYes10003.9applied today for the discover it card with 0% into period. they couldnt approve me for that but gave instant approval for 3.9% intro period and then rises to prime rate after that. CH7 DC in 10/06, credit counseling completed in 2012 for cc's all those
Discover ITMA6800025000No02/08/13Credit CardYes250018.99Rebuilding credit. Pulled Equifax
Discover ITFL6870065000No02/11/13Credit CardNo00 
Discover ITFL63868763865000No02/11/13Credit CardNo00 
Discover ITWA7160070000No02/12/13Credit CardYes50000Rcd Mailer with invitation #. Approved instantly online. Not sure of Rate have not rcd the card yet should arrive via FedEx today.
Discover ITNE67369168565000No02/13/13Credit CardYes400013.9transunion and equifax are actual fico scores. experian is experian FAKO score. Utilization at 12% 2 - 30 day lates in last year. they checked transunion.
Discover ITOR0068036500No02/16/13Credit CardYes40TU Fico is 680. Had 2inqs. 2 COs from 2008. A few lates in 2009. No open CCs Appd online, got "call to expedite" and the rep verified income/housing.
Discover ITNC00730111000No02/16/13Credit CardNo00Int'l student at a top 10 grad US programs. Still got denied, hurt credit. Strange company, won't do business again.
Discover ITOR703068036500No02/17/13Credit CardYes40Sorry for duplicate entry but wanted to update turns out they pulled ALL 3 reports.
Discover itMA078875955000No02/18/13Credit CardYes11250Online/instant approval. Only 8 months of payment history.
Discover ITOK8190085000No02/19/13Credit CardYes00 
Discover ITOK8190085000No02/19/13Credit CardYes55000 
Discover ITTX0068974000No02/25/13Credit CardYes500000 for 14 mos on bal xfer and purchases then 19.99%...
discoverGA00020000No02/26/13Credit CardYes7500 
Discover ITGA00020000No02/26/13Credit CardYes7500 
Discover ITTN69968571053000No02/27/13Credit CardYes150000% for 14 mos. then 13.9. LOTS of inquiries.
Discover ITMO0065131000No02/27/13Credit CardYes13.99"Declined for 0% APR, but was given acceptance to different terms"
Discover CardCA0646045000No03/03/13Credit CardNo001 collection on my credit report was the reason given for the denial; called and they told me I could reapply in 30 days
Discover ITTX69066971128No03/03/13Credit CardYes019.99Instant Approval, no recon for limit, $7,000 initial starting line. Pulled Equifax.
discover itFL0000No03/05/13Credit CardNo00 
discoverFL0000No03/05/13Credit CardNo00 
Discover ITCA070412145000No03/05/13Credit CardYes150010.99Scores are FAKO. 1y and 1m credit history, no baddies, closed secured card, 3 open lines of credit with low limits. util @ 9%. Applied online, got the 5-7 day reply, but called in and answered q's and was instantly approved.
Discover ITTX69367466735No03/07/13Credit CardYes00got the 7-10 day notice online. Got email within 2 days saying approved. Don't know credit limit yet
Discover ITKY699069226000Yes03/10/13Credit CardNo00 
Discover ITKY699069226000Yes03/10/13Credit CardNo00 
Discover ITNJ7240714136000No03/10/13Credit CardYes90000 
Discover ITMA0062944000No03/12/13Credit CardYes25000 
Discover ITTX64500145000No03/13/13Credit CardYes12003.99Sent pre approval in the mail and applied on line and instant approval. Was denied the 0% 6 mo intro offer but they offered me 6 mo at 3.99% so I took it. Been rebuilding since 2009
Discover ITFL0541030000No03/16/13Credit CardYes7500 
Discover ITAZ006480No03/20/13Credit CardNo00 
Discover ITCA667641650100000No03/22/13Credit CardYes10003.99 
Discover ITNY6290049000No03/24/13Credit CardYes10003.993.99 first 6/mo then 23.99 after that
Discover ItMO67469565565980No03/27/13Credit CardYes55000Tons of inquiries. high util on current cards. Mailed a preapproval. 60 sec online approval 0% for 14 months
Discover itAL0000No03/27/13Credit CardNo00 
Discover itKS6670080000No03/28/13Credit CardYes30000Instant approval recent late
Discover ITFL0068465000No03/30/13Credit CardYes60 
Discover ItMO70769465567000No03/30/13Credit CardNo55000Pulled Equifax. Preapproval by mail. Online instant approval. Didnt get limit until emailed 2 days later. Very high util and lots of inquiries. 0-12 on bal transfers then 15.99
Discover ITMS688071156000No04/01/13Credit CardYes50017Student IT card... 0% intro low limit
Discover MotivaGA61560060050000No04/01/13Credit CardYes15000 
Discover ITOK6750071400No04/03/13Credit CardYes17000Pulled TU but score is unavailable. EQ 675
Discover ITIN0065750No04/05/13Credit CardYes12003.99did not qualify for 0% interest for 14 months,but was approved for 3.99% for 14 months.
Discover ITAR6710030Yes04/10/13Credit CardYes150020.99BK Discharged 08/2009 had to recon for approval.
Discover CardLA52052052025000No04/10/13Credit CardYes12000OLD BADDIES. 3 CHARGE OFFS. ONE SMALL IN COLLECTIONS
DiscoverMA655062140000No04/11/13Credit CardYes10000 
Discover ITAL72364362260000No04/11/13Credit CardYes65000pulled EQ
DiscoverGA70260071195000No04/13/13Credit CardNo00 
Discover ITHI7470040000No04/13/13Credit CardYes250017.99Pulled Equifax.Decent FICO EQ 747 yet still got 17.99 interest..kinda disappointed
Discover ITTX60764259515000No04/17/13Credit CardNo00Didn't figure I'd get it but tried anyway while I was on an app spree!
Discover ITME069771057000No04/18/13Credit CardYes7500Approved instantly online. suprised by low CL
DiscoverFL69071269024772No04/27/13Credit CardNo00 
Discover - MotivaMD76366979195000No04/29/13Credit CardNo00 
Matrix/Discover/Continental FinanceNV57358360150000No05/03/13Credit CardYes3000secured credit card
Wal Mart DiscoverAL0000No05/07/13Credit CardNo00 
Discover ITGA6460085No05/10/13Credit CardNo00Declines due unpaid tax liens and 5 year old BK
Walmart DiscoverCA00050000Yes05/12/13Credit CardNo00 
Discover ITIL67165666652300No05/14/13Credit CardYes150018FICOs, not FAKOs. Had to recon. 5 CO's from '06.
Discover itDE0071835000No05/14/13Credit CardYes7500 
Walmart DiscoverOH70471972642000No05/16/13Credit CardYes300018 
Discover ITTX6226105800No05/17/13Credit CardNo00Denied. Have some charge offs from 2009. I guess we're still trying to rebuild from a bad, bad, bad 2009!
Wal Mart DiscoverTN57551561132774No05/18/13Credit CardNo00 
Discover ITCA64700105No05/20/13Credit CardNo002 COLLECTIONS ON MY CREDIT. 1 OF WHICH IAM PAYING OFF
Discover ITMA705071048000No05/20/13Credit CardYes1101st credit card. Short-ish history. A bit surprised at how high CL is.
DiscoverKS0069072000Yes05/22/13Credit CardNo00 
Discover TX693070075000No05/24/13Credit CardYes10003.9 
Discover CardMD73272573076000No05/29/13Credit CardYes10000Pulled Experian
Discover ITMD71571071276000No05/30/13Credit CardYes10000pulled both Experian & Equifax
Discover ITIL0064418000No05/30/13Credit CardYes12003.99 
Wal Mart DiscoverTN0000No05/31/13Credit CardNo00 
Discover ITCA071273772000No06/05/13Credit CardYes170011 
Discover - PlatinumNV0071965000No06/06/13Credit CardYes250012.99One month after foreclosure posted on CR, received preapproval letter 15mon 0% interest.
DiscoverGA6450092000No06/06/13Credit CardYes150022.9Very Pleased. Instant approval about 5 days ago - card arrived today! This is a proud moment after 3 years of fixing what my ex did to me! (Well let's face it, I let it happen) - I know have $3800 in credit card limit. Always pay in full but util genera
Discover ITVA0070214000No06/06/13Credit CardYes1500142nd card ever for me and, approved by phone to recon. very nice card to add into your credit mix.
DiscoverDE7280039000No06/13/13Credit CardYes30000Pulled Equifax only. Instant approval.
Sams Club Discover/GEMBMT7220040000No06/14/13Credit CardYes390026.99Instant approval in store during membership sign up. Received a letter a week later stating that they gave me the higher rate because of a disputed "collection" that was actually a verizon contract buyout.
Discover ITNY007080No06/15/13Credit CardYes45000 
Walmart DiscoverLA0637053000No06/15/13Credit CardNo00 
Wal Mart DiscoverAL0000No06/18/13Credit CardNo00 
Discover It FL0655702100No06/20/13Credit CardYes12003.99I had to call the back door # due to my name being reported differently. I wasn't approved for the 0% int. but was offered the 3.99%. I'm ok with that! Was hoping for higher CL but they said to call back in 6 mos. to request a higher CL. Either way, I'm h
Discover ITKS700694709100000Yes06/22/13Credit CardYes15000Ch 7 Bk discharged 7/2009. Pulled Equifax. 0 inq at time of application. Approved instantly for 1500.
Discover - PlatinumPA00045000No06/23/13Credit CardNo00 
Discover ITMI7030071000No06/27/13Credit CardYes500014Prompted to call, "interview" was very friendly and painless. 0% intro thru 9/14. Not pre-qualified, just went for it.
Discover ITCA0072035000No06/27/13Credit CardYes250010.99 
Discover Student CardNY69070270325000No06/27/13Credit CardYes00Approved instantly online. 9 months of credit history, reporting one credit card.
Discover ITNY0000No06/28/13Credit CardNo00 
Discover ITOH0660028000No06/29/13Credit CardYes350018.99 
Discover ITTX6430065000No07/05/13Credit CardYes650019.992 very small collections (under $100) on my CR. Last 30 day late was 1 year ago.
DiscoverCA06290110000Yes07/07/13Credit CardNo00Denied credit
Discover ITCA66963471036400No07/07/13Credit CardYes8003.5Applied for Discover Card but was given 5-7 day consideration notice. Was asked to set up username and password to access account. 2 days later, status message changed to 30 day consideration notice. Received email requesting that I call in so that they c
Discover ITAZ72068869080000No07/08/13Credit CardYes15000Online Instant approval; Don't which credit report they pulled yet.
Discover ITSC64770064030000No07/09/13Credit CardYes8000241pd collection 2yrs old. all accs in good standing
Discover ITAZ660711684550000No07/10/13Credit CardYes15000Hard Pull on Equifax and Experian. All TL's are paid as agreed. 1 pd collection 6.5 years ago.
Discover ITAL0000No07/12/13Credit CardNo00 
Discover CardCA69972074460000Yes07/17/13Credit CardNo00 
DiscoverAL0000No07/17/13Credit CardNo00 
DiscoverCA69972074460000Yes07/17/13Credit CardNo00 
Discover ITAL0000No07/18/13Credit CardYes950020.99 
Discover ITAL0000No07/20/13Credit CardNo00 
Discover ITMI7607707800No07/25/13Credit CardYes50000Not my highest limit- that would be my costco amex
Discover ITCO6620070000No07/28/13Credit CardYes10000 
Discover ItCA71166375053000No07/28/13Credit CardYes15000 
Discover ITTX622000No07/29/13Credit CardYes00no collections, lots of inq
DiscoverAL0000No07/30/13Credit CardNo00 
Discover ItAL0000No08/02/13Credit CardNo00 
Discover ITGA006913086No08/04/13Credit CardYes20000App'd online,received 5-7 day notice. Called to expedite, answered security questions and was approved. They pulled Equifax. Not sure of FICO but CS-673, CK-691 AAoA 9yrs 11mo. 1 new card not reporting(Carecredit). 2 prev CC @ 76% util. No baddi
Discover ITMI0071425000No08/04/13Credit CardYes10000 
Sams Club Discover/GEMBMI0080372000No08/06/13Credit CardYes30000Instant approval, immediately recon for higher limit and was given $10k
Discover ITME072400No08/10/13Credit CardYes55000My first credit card. Pulled Experian.
Discover ITNY7130095000No08/10/13Credit CardYes45000 
Discover ITAL0000No08/12/13Credit CardYes5000 
Sams Club Discover/GEMBCA00673180000Yes08/13/13Credit CardYes10000had to call to pass fraud screening. instant approval after that
Discover CardPA68068064544No08/13/13Credit CardYes15000 
DiscoverAL0000No08/15/13Credit CardNo00 
Discover ITNC0797057000No08/17/13Credit CardYes550020.99Pulled Exp. Applied online, got 7-10 day message. Called in and was asked a few questions (why did I want card basically) and approved. APR seems high for my Exp FICO score though.
Discover ITAL0000No08/24/13Credit CardNo00 
Discover ITWA007260No08/24/13Credit CardYes50010.99Lowest limit of all cards, have multiple cards over $5000. But very happy with the APR they gave me. Apped through online preapproval.
Discover ITCO70062062060000No08/28/13Credit CardYes8003.99Not sure who they pulled yet. Applied for 0 intrest was offered 3.9 into rate. Limit is lower than i was expecting will ask for cli \ call recon before using.
Discover ITPA7440023No08/29/13Credit CardYes220.99 
Discover ITAZ6740055No09/03/13Credit CardYes18000Only pull Equifax. Score bouncing between 674 - 715. Three lates most recent 01/2013. One CL
discover card AL0000No09/04/13Credit CardNo00 
Discover ITNH63670757440000No09/04/13Credit CardYes150019.9Had to call for follow up questions, but was approved after answering a few questions.
discoverTX0000No09/05/13Credit CardYes00 
Discover CardTX0000No09/05/13Credit CardYes00 
Discover ITOH5480068000Yes09/05/13Credit CardYes00 
Walmart DiscoverOH5480069000No09/05/13Credit CardYes00 
Discover ITWV0710024141No09/09/13Credit CardYes00Approved, unsure of CL. One revolving account, 7mos old, no late pmts, no baddies
Discover ITAZ715748018000No09/12/13Credit CardYes45000Pulled Equifax, Had to call to answer fraud security questions, instantly approved after I answered the questions
Walmart DiscoverAL0000No09/16/13Credit CardNo00 
Discover ITMI64364665465000No09/16/13Credit CardYes150022.99Denied 0% interest rate intro. Started to say no to the card. 10+ inq 5 CO's no lates.
Discover ITOH6850711112500No09/17/13Credit CardYes122.99Foreclosure 4 years ago. HP was on Equifax
Discover PlatinumAL0000No09/18/13Credit CardNo00 
Discover ITME705735700100000No09/19/13Credit CardYes85000 
Discover ITNC68065072046000No09/19/13Credit CardYes50 
discover itAL0000No09/22/13Credit CardNo00 
Discover ITMI580580045000No09/26/13Credit CardNo00 
Discover ITMD0066995000No09/26/13Credit CardYes150022.9Got the 7-10 day message. Called and got an approval with 0.% for 6 months on purchases and 18 months on bal transfers.
Discover ITIN6240035000No09/29/13Credit CardNo00got 5-7 day notice...called in and was denied. they said that they may be able to approve with a cosigner.
Discover ITAL63063063045No10/03/13Credit CardYes80019.99 
Discover ITNY0067955000No10/04/13Credit CardYes50022.99Applied for Discover It with zero int, approved for limit of $500 with regular terms, no zero interest. Card will manually review for increase after 3 months as per agent who approved Application.
Discover ITKY62263064041600No10/04/13Credit CardNo00 
Discover ITAL0000No10/04/13Credit CardNo00 
Discover ITWI64065263567000No10/04/13Credit CardYes450022.99 
Discover itWA69069071372000No10/10/13Credit CardYes25000 
Discover ITWA695680676100000No10/11/13Credit CardYes140022.9Had to call them and the rep said that my limit cannot be higher than 1400 because i made 2 - 30 day late payments - last year.
Discover ITFL717645081000No10/14/13Credit CardYes120020.99 
Discover ITOH6810063212No10/16/13Credit CardYes65000Applied on 8/6/13 denied.Applied 10/16/13 approved for $6,500. 8/6/13 denial reason said due to chargeoffs. Still have chargeoffs.
Discover ITOH6810063212No10/17/13Credit CardYes650017.99Same info as above.called for APR. Got 0% for 14 months on transfer/purch, then 17.99
Discover ITCA0064175000No10/22/13Credit CardYes140014.99 
Discover ITTX6970096500No10/23/13Credit CardYes80000 
Sams Club Discover/GEMBMN71671070825000No10/27/13Credit CardYes350022.9Pd state tax lien 4yrs old instant approval
Discover ITOH654654030000No10/27/13Credit CardNo00 
discover itAL0000No10/27/13Credit CardNo00 
Discover ItOH654654030No10/27/13Credit CardYes00 
Discover ItGA693667042000No10/27/13Credit CardYes25000pre-qualified mailer. instant approval online. 0% 15 mo, then 14.99. old CO from 6 years ago.
Discover ITIL6840030000No10/30/13Credit CardYes550002 60 day lates in 2011. surprised on the credit line 5500!
DiscoverAL0000No11/02/13Credit CardNo00 
DiscoverNJ60769466048000No11/03/13Credit CardNo00It was an invitation letter that I received. I got declined and I asked why did I get decline? I was being transferred to Credit Account Manager and he said to because I have 3 delinquents that I have to take care.
Wallmart discoverMI0068826000No11/04/13Credit CardYes11000Received letter requesting I call and give more info. They sent identification text, I confirmed and was approved. No black marks, avg acct age 1yr 4mo. Was denied Capital one 3 mo prior.
Discover ITIL620000No11/07/13Credit CardNo00Don't let the invitations by mail fool you. Don't apply if you have any collections in the last 4 years. I've got 2 collections from 4 years ago and was denied credit.
Discover ITKY6830040000No11/07/13Credit CardYes8000Received 5-7 day message. Called in immediately. Approved for different terms than apped for. Believe they pulled EQ because of collections on other reports. Accepted small limit to rebuild.
Discover ITWA0752082000No11/10/13Credit CardYes12500this was 8/23/13 but did not find this site earlier. Had only 5 month credit history at that time (new to country), but did have an amex already that was backdated to 2005.
Matrix/Discover/Continental FinanceCA56254057637000No11/11/13UnsecuredYes30019 
Wallmart discoverAL0000No11/13/13Credit CardNo00 
Discover ITAL0000No11/14/13Credit CardNo00 
walmart discoverAL0000No11/15/13Credit CardNo00 
Walmart DiscoverFL62660665762000No11/16/13Credit CardYes180022.99Instant approval. No late payments ever and 1 collection due to be taken off.
Walmart DiscoverTX65467068378000No11/17/13Credit CardYes180022.9Instant online Approval. Current walmart cardholder, I reapplied for Discover upgrade. 1 Collection, and 4 bad acts from 2008.
Discover ITME573060243000No11/18/13Credit CardNo00Applied online. 7-10 day message. Called twice for recon and declined due to 2 accounts in collections from 6.5 years ago. Counteroffer of secured card.
DiscoverAL0000No11/21/13Credit CardNo00 
Discover ItIL6650037000No11/24/13Credit CardNo00 
Discover ITGA7370050No11/28/13Credit CardYes60Phone app. Applied within minutes of closing on my house. No other debt on credit report at time of app. Two other major credit cards and one store card at time of app. 0% APR 14 months.
Discover ITCA650065088000No11/29/13Credit CardYes24000 
Discover ITCT6740045000No11/29/13Credit CardYes150022.99Got an invitation in the mail to apply. Used invite code to apply online. Instantly approved after answering questions online about my employment. EQ is clean except for 1 Midland collection that's 3 years old. Low limit but happy to be in
Discover ITPA00039000No11/29/13Credit CardYes45000 
Discover More Cash BackIN00068000No12/01/13Credit CardNo200017.8 
Discover Card (Dir.Merch.Nat. Bank/HSBC)AL0000No12/02/13Credit CardNo00 
Walmart DiscoverAL61567365747000No12/03/13Credit CardYes12000Pulled TU. Instant online approval. I have had the store card for 4 months.
Discover ITIN7050032440No12/03/13Credit CardYes32000 
Discover ITMA7730090000No12/05/13Credit CardYes65000 
Discover ITHI0063830000No12/06/13Credit CardYes022.99Mail invite. Initially declined, was given second offer for same card, higher interest rate and minimum interest charge of $2.00. intro apr not 0% for 14months. 10.99% for 6 months and then 22.99% thereafter. Overall, I'm happy to have a mainstream credit
Discover ITCA0701040000No12/09/13Credit CardYes600016.99Responded to mail offer. Approved instantly online. $6000 starting limit with 0% interest for 14 months then 16.99% thereafter. They pulled Experian and I had a 701 score when I received the card. 39% utilization and a few recently opened credit accounts.
Discover ITNC6786676960Yes12/10/13Credit CardYes20000recon recon recon... is the key. rcv'd 0 int & BT for 14 months, then 19.99. my 4th major cc in 6 months!!! and coming out of a ch 13... YMMV.. good luck to the rebuilders out there!
Discover Student CardTX00035000Yes12/11/13Credit CardYes50019.99 
Discover ITGA67063664852700No12/12/13Credit CardYes150010.99Applied online, got 5-7 day message, called backdoor, answered a couple of questions, approved for 1500
Discover ITMN65965265532000No12/13/13SecuredNo2000Could have put higher amount. Denied for standard Discover IT & was given this offer.
DiscoverNJ60660060631000No12/14/13Credit CardYes100022.99 
discoverNC006470No12/16/13Credit CardYes00 
Discover ITFL67568466854000No12/16/13Credit CardYes15000UTL 3%, LOTS of INQs, 10 180 lates from 2008 (student loans) rebuilding since 2011 and finally getting prime cards!
discoverAL060201500No12/18/13Credit CardNo00 
Discover ITIL671068848000No12/19/13Credit CardYes30000Instant approval.
Discover ITOR71568570540000No12/20/13Credit CardYes010.99mail offer, signed up, easily approved. pulled equifax which is squeaky clean.
Walmart DiscoverAL0656016300No12/22/13Credit CardNo00 
Discover ITCA71773270257000No12/22/13Credit CardYes600016.99Mail offer, instant approval online, 0% @12 months, just got Citi Card 3 months ago @ $5,000 CL
Discover ITAL0000No12/25/13Credit CardNo00 
DiscoverAL0000No12/25/13Credit CardNo00 
DiscoverAL0000No12/27/13Credit CardNo00 
DiscoverLA079500No12/28/13Credit CardYes380014.99Applied via the invitation sent in the mail.
DiscoverAL0000No01/01/14Credit CardNo00 
Wal Mart DiscoverNJ69061565575000No01/01/14Credit CardNo00 
Discover ITAL5005505250No01/02/14Credit CardNo00 
Discover ITNY70466867737000No01/04/14Credit CardYes00Instant Online Approval
Discover ITFL6890056800No01/06/14Credit CardYes20000Pulled Equifax had 689 score with past credit issues. Happy to get a great card like Discover!
DiscoverFL62062062070No01/11/14Credit CardNo50000 
Discover ItCA6580060000No01/13/14Credit CardYes170022Received the 3-5 day message,spoke to a nice rep,asked me a few questions and BAM! Approval!
Discover ITFL67971268547000No01/16/14Credit CardYes20000Waste of a hard pull from EQ. Have 80k in available CL. One 6-year old baddie. No Lates, No BK, No collections.
Discover ITFL70573072054000No01/18/14Credit CardYes65000Instant Approval after dozens of mail offers. 10 inquiries, no baddies, 2 year history.
walmart discoverSC0067225000No01/18/14Credit CardYes160022.9instant approval, surprised. 6 mnth new accnt, 3rd card, highest cl so far.
Discover ITCA66066066088300Yes01/22/14Credit CardNo00 
Discover itPA65465065261No01/23/14Credit CardYes00 
Discover ITWI7050026000Yes01/23/14Credit CardYes450015.99Preapproved mailing. Instant approval online. 3.5 years post BK7
DiscoverCO074404000No01/25/14Credit CardYes00 
Walmart DiscoverGA70966566925000No01/26/14Credit CardYes16000Applied and was instantly approved for 1600. I have two other cards a Belk store card with a 1k limit and a local bank card for 300. I also just got a car loan for 20k. I did not think i would be approved, neverless for this much.
discover itAL0000No01/27/14Credit CardNo00 
discover itPA5900030000No01/27/14Credit CardYes150022.9Applied online, was denied, they counteroffered with discover it card.
Discover ITWI6500060000Yes01/28/14Credit CardYes140022.99Ch 7 Discharged April 2012; No lates since then, positive pay on 3 other cards. Approved instantly after follow up questions about ouucpation, education, etc. Online instant approval!
Discover ITPA69675080664500No01/29/14Credit CardYes1900018.99 
Discover Student CardCA0068660No02/01/14Credit CardNo00- 1 Paid Collection 12/2011 - 2x 30 Days - 1x 60Day AAoA: 1.6 years Util: < 30%
discover itAL0000No02/02/14Credit CardNo10000 
Discover ITGA6800045000Yes02/08/14Credit CardNo100022.99Initial online request was denied, called and was approved.
Discover ITAZ71271271211100No02/10/14Credit CardYes120022Wasn't approved instantly but called the number and was approved there after a few questions. Limited credit history; made with CapOne sec cc.
Discover ITCA62964665277000No02/12/14Credit CardYes80022.91 4yr old unpaid collection 1 6.5yr old pd charge off. 18 positive tradelines 68-70% util Not sure which CB they pulled yet. Only TU is Fico confirmed, others are Fako's.
Discover ITOH077000No02/16/14Credit CardYes200012.99instant
Discover ITCT739762758100000No02/17/14Credit CardYes88000 
Discover ITTX6550070000No02/17/14Credit CardNo00 
Discover ITMN6460083000Yes02/22/14Credit CardYes130022.99FICO score per Discover welcome packet, myFICO EQ was 624. BK7 filed May 2013, discharged Aug 2013.
Discover ITTX725725725120000No02/23/14Credit CardNo00 
Discover ITOH8100046000No02/25/14Credit CardYes95000Applied online. Instantly approved for 9,500
Discover ITTX76974476995No02/26/14Credit CardYes1115.25 
Discover ITCA0065277000No02/26/14Credit CardYes80022.9Instant approval. 68-70% util, 18 positive accts, aaoa 1.95yrs, baddies: 1 med collection 4 yrs old unpd, 1 pd chargeoff to fall off 08/14, 5- 30 day auto lates in last 2 years, most recent in sept 2012.
discover itCA069769321No02/27/14Credit CardYes100010.99Six defaulted but discharged school loans from 2011 $0 owing. Six positive tradelines with perfect history since 2012 reporting
Discover CardTN006800Yes03/03/14Credit CardNo00discharge 2013
Discover ITIL7080095000No03/05/14Credit CardYes900017.99Unpaid Judgment of $3400 from 2010 & Paid Charge Off 2011
Discover More CardAL0000No03/06/14Credit CardNo00 
Discover ITCT6626626620No03/07/14Credit CardNo00 
DiscoverCA73273271356000No03/07/14Credit CardYes00receive card December 18th 2013.... just got an email.they raised my limit from $6000 to $7800 after only two payments! WOW...
Wal Mart DiscoverAL0000No04/01/14Credit CardNo00 
Discover ITMO59659066250000No04/02/14Credit CardNo00 
Discover ITTX64063270055000No04/02/14Credit CardYes15000Been trying for a year. Applied online, 7-10 day message. Called number, asked a few questions and approved! Don't know interest rate yet.
DiscoverTX6990045000No04/03/14Credit CardYes35000 
Discover ITMA64606500No04/03/14Credit CardYes1600226 CO's in 09, and 3 paid Collections. No INTRO APR. But I'm ok with that considering I've only been rebuilding for a year, and a half.
Discover ItSC0067430145Yes04/04/14Credit CardNo00App letter said "unable to verify credit references/application information." Called recon and woman was very rude, said they couldn't do anything for me and to apply again later. Never will.
Discover ITTX644674642105000No04/09/14Credit CardYes18001.99I do not know which credit bureau they pulled.
True Value DiscoverGA62967964440000No04/09/14Credit CardYes5000Checked EX
DiscoverTX73500125000No04/09/14Credit CardYes75000 
Discover ITAK615677644130000No04/11/14Credit CardNo00Approved for two AmEx cards less than 10 minutes before, go figure...
Discover ITGA683726716105000No04/11/14Credit CardYes300022.9 
Discover ITCA664000Yes04/12/14Credit CardYes15000Bk Discharged 10/11. Applied on line on 4/11 received application is pending. Called today on 4/12/14, answered a few questions and was approved
Discover ITIL7580050000No04/18/14Credit CardYes40000Instant approval. No baddies. 18% Util. 3 INQs.
Discover ITSC0059430000No04/18/14Credit CardYes25000 
Discover ITWA643666014000No04/22/14Credit CardYes150022.99 
Discover ITIA771000No04/22/14Credit CardYes710.99$4500 initial limit. Spoke with analyst who bumped me to $7000
Discover ITIA771000No04/22/14Credit CardYes710.99initially approved for $4500 CL, immediately recon'd and got CLI to $7000
Discover ITNJ6670040No04/22/14Credit CardYes1022.4 
Discover ITNC73072073548000No04/24/14Credit CardYes300020.99auto online approval, pulled from Equifax
Discover ItCA66667066195532No04/26/14Credit CardYes00Relieved and a little shocked! Applied in January (denied w/ 653 EQ). I did not get the promo 0% rate, but 22%. Don't know the limit yet either.
Discover ITTX64264264270000No04/27/14Credit CardYes190022.99 
Discover ITPA6540057000No05/01/14Credit CardYes140022CK had me at 589 I applied and was approved. Pulled Equifax and mailed me my fico 654.
Discover GA6710055No05/04/14Credit CardYes100Very surprised. My highest limit is 2,000 on other cards.
Discover ITCA0000No05/04/14Credit CardYes20022.99I was offered the secured version of the Discover IT card. My limit is only $200 as that was the amount of my deposit, but Discover has said they will likely graduate the card to unsecured after 12 months and return my deposit! This is my first credit car
Discover ITOH067264657000No05/07/14Credit CardYes550019.99Building score. Cap one secured-$300, unsecured-2000, WalMart 1200 with about 30% util and all payments on time. Massive amounts of student loans. 1-2 derog marks from about 7 years ago.
Discover ITIL591062269000Yes05/08/14Credit CardNo00DENIAL OR BANKRUPTCY. DISCHARGED 16 MONTHS AGO
Discover ITCA06025661055No05/12/14Credit CardYes3000 
Discover ITTX0069070000No05/22/14Credit CardYes70000Equifax frozen so I had to call. First analyst refused to pull any other bureau. Waited to later in day and made second call and very nice analyst asked which bureau I wanted pulled. TU is my only one not frozen.
Discover ITLA72578478475000No05/26/14Credit CardYes420024.99 
Discover Student CardFL062662967No05/28/14Credit CardYes00 
DiscoverAZ682071825000No05/29/14Credit CardYes10007.99 
Discover ITTN00020000No05/29/14Credit CardYes150022.990% Intro APR for 14 months. No credit history.
Discover ITSC60160160146900No06/02/14Credit CardNo00Declined do to old chargeoffs and obviously my score in general according to their letter
Discover ITMD686690679125000No06/03/14Credit CardYes100000 
Discover ITMO676068643000No06/07/14Credit CardYes650000%/14 mo.
DiscoverIN7040077500No06/10/14Credit CardYes00 
DiscoverTX64863868650000No06/10/14Credit CardYes10applied 1 month before, turned down, applied again,and got it! : )
Sams Club Discover/GEMBIN5500040No06/11/14Credit CardNo00 
DiscoverWI7010032000No06/12/14UnsecuredYes500012.99Applied online Sat, approved with a followup phone call Sun & by Wed all 4 cards I consolidated had been paid.
Discover ITNY64665967036000No06/15/14Credit CardNo00Pulled Experian. They show score as 657. Declined after replying to pre-approved offer. One old charge off on report was cause of decline.
Discover Student CardCA61563764060000Yes06/20/14Credit CardNo00BK 1 year, current senior BS program. Denied but offered secured card. Declined offer.
Discover ITTX693618652105000No06/22/14Credit CardYes00 
Discover ITNY70569974963000No06/24/14Credit CardYes400022.9TU:749 is FAKO. Approved, no recon needed, despite year-old 90-day student loan late. Pulled EQ.
DiscoverPA70875268257No06/26/14Credit CardNo00 
Walmart DiscoverAL0000No06/28/14Credit CardYes00 
Discover Student CardAR0062658000No06/29/14Credit CardYes5000 
DiscoverIL79079079080No06/30/14Credit CardYes150 
Discover ITMA63259069074000Yes07/01/14Credit CardYes18000 
Walmart DiscoverOH0054239337No07/02/14Credit CardNo00 
Walmart DiscoverAL0000No07/03/14Credit CardNo00 
Discover ITCO57460064060000No07/10/14Credit CardNo00Pulled EQ denied. Called Backdoor, pulled TU and denied.
Discover ITGA61061061323700No07/15/14Credit CardNo00 
Walmart DiscoverNM72371472465000No07/15/14Credit CardYes18000Online app, instant approval. All scores fico pulled day of app. Transfer pull
Discover ITAL752000No07/16/14Credit CardYes530012.99 
Discover ITTX63464862596300No07/16/14Credit CardYes110022.92 in collections, no late payments, util 48%, and a car loan 21k remaining.... pulled EX, kinda disappointed w/CL but the CSP said 6 months OTP I'll get an auto credit increase.
discoverTX625625650135000No07/18/14Credit CardNo00pulled experian trying to rebuild have multiple credit cards tried to get one more
Discover ITWA0062460000No07/18/14Credit CardYes160021.99 
Discover ITSC6960648135000No07/19/14Credit CardYes25000Applied online, got further review notice then an email to call. Sr review rep approved after a few verification questions
Discover ITCA0715038000No07/19/14Credit CardYes00 
Discover IT OH6440052No07/19/14Credit CardYes10 
DiscoverAL604000No07/21/14Credit CardYes00 
Discover ITTX6860046000No07/22/14Credit CardYes350019.99Pulled EQ
Discover MotivaAL0000No07/24/14Credit CardNo00 
Discover ITNJ76771070785000No07/24/14Credit CardYes80000 
Discover ITNC065065169000No07/25/14Credit CardYes80022.99Judgement from 2009 on file from repo'd car. A few collection accounts. $40k in student loan debt. 20 accounts in good standing with no late payments in past two years.
Discover ITNJ0065315000No07/26/14Credit CardYes50019.99Student. Applied immediately after approval on Barclaycard. Instant aporoval pending...Submitted Student schedule.
Discover ITOH00689175000No07/28/14Credit CardNo00Not approved, 698 Transunion Score, 2 years job, 1 year residential. 1500 in auto lease payments, 1200 in rent.
Discover ITCA6630050Yes07/28/14Credit CardYes100022.99discharged bk in 2008...less then 1 yr to go for it to be gone. Got approved!
Discover ITOH63264463448500No07/28/14Credit CardYes100010.99 
Discover ITPA65365668485000No07/31/14Credit CardYes400017.99Recently paid 2 yr old judgement. Instant approval
DiscoverGA0070043500No08/03/14Credit CardYes00Applied online, and was instantly approved. It did not disclose my credit limit or interest rate.
Discover CardAL0000No08/05/14Credit CardNo00 
Discover ITTX714685717112000No08/06/14Credit CardYes10000Same day BofA issued Visa Sig card for $7.5k and Cap One increased limit to $4.5k
Wallmart discoverTX00697165000No08/09/14Credit CardNo120022.9 
Discover ClassicVT00028000No08/10/14Credit CardNo30019.99 
Discover ITNC69865571667000No08/13/14Credit CardYes15000Had to call to answer a few questions. Approved over the phone for $1,500. 3 months of heavy use and they bumped up my credit limit to $5,000
Discover ITNC5890024000No08/16/14Credit CardNo5000 
Walmart DiscoverTN00047No08/16/14Credit CardYes30000 
Walmart DiscoverAL0000No08/16/14Credit CardNo00 
Discover ITNJ0071570000No08/17/14Credit CardYes650022.5I've been a Discover card holder for three years. Their APRs are insane, but their customer service is outstanding.
Discover ITCA69365465540No08/18/14Credit CardYes100010.996 mon. History with Cap 1 secured. Approved thru Discover mail "invitation"
discoverAL0000No08/18/14Credit CardNo00 
discover cardTN57163768040000No08/20/14Credit CardYes30000 
Discover ITOH630680710150000No08/21/14Credit CardNo00Pulled Equifax, Had a paid judgement that was never updated to Equifax. declined card regardless of income and other credit.
Discover ITIL66566766855000No08/21/14Credit CardYes10000Had to call in due to fraud alert. Pulled EQ clean except for some lates last one 07/13
DiscoverPA5420040Yes08/21/14Credit CardNo00 
Discover ITCA6870086000Yes08/22/14Credit CardNo00Denied to to bk in 2011 they said discover is not offering cards to anyone with a bk on their credit report
Discover ITTX006600No08/23/14Credit CardYes5000 
Discover ITMO0000No08/25/14Credit CardYes00 
Walmart DiscoverCA005762000No08/26/14Credit CardNo00 
Discover ITTX6200044000No08/27/14Credit CardYes140022.9 
Discover ITCA0609689108000No08/28/14Credit CardNo15000Already have a Discover It card for over a year, excellent payment history. Applied for Student It card. Not approved but counteroffer for the Chrome. I gladly accepted! They appear to have pulled TransUnion. Please beware that you can only have 2 Discove
Discover ITTX7230085000No08/28/14Credit CardYes900020.991 collection account (within last 30 days- for less than $200). No instant approval. Called me to verify identity and find out why there were so many inq's on my credit (I recently got approved for a home loan so am house hunting). Approved during the cal
DiscoverCA006900No08/29/14OtherNo00Denied for personal loan. No derogs. Fairly high score.
Discover ITMN621580623116000No09/03/14Credit CardYes150022 
Discover ItNJ6540080000No09/06/14Credit CardYes400018.97Instant approval. 30+ inquiries last 2 years. Very low utilization. One civil judgement from '08.
Discover ITMA00060000No09/08/14Credit CardYes00 
Discover ITNC6196316360No09/09/14Credit CardYes00 
Discover ITGA61971772340No09/11/14Credit CardYes00 
Discover ITMO671653090000No09/15/14Credit CardYes15000Pulled Experion and Equifax
Discover ITCA654682732115000No09/22/14Credit CardYes130022.99Applied online, instantly countered w/non IT card. Accepted & uploaded SS card & gas bill. They then called & said I'm only elig for IT card! Tiny limit. Ugh.
Discover ITIL5805805800No09/22/14Credit CardNo00 
Discover ITFL633643630124000Yes09/23/14Credit CardNo00Denied due to BK- in 2012
Discover ITCA6750085000No09/27/14Credit CardYes15000Applied online and was asked to call to verify some info and approved right away. Some 30 day lates from a year ago.
discoverOH7007007000No09/28/14Credit CardNo012.4 
Discover ITFL704000Yes10/04/14Credit CardYes10000BK 12/08, called in
Discover ItTX64361061137980No10/06/14Credit CardNo00Two few accounts currently paid as agreed - 2 accounts, 1 year, length of time accounts have been established. Recently approved for Capital One and Walmart so will continue building and try again.
Discover CardMA07000150000No10/06/14Credit CardYes00 
Discover Card (Dir.Merch.Nat. Bank/HSBC)WA74575073838000No10/08/14Credit CardNo300019 
discoverNC49905800No10/10/14Credit CardNo00 
Discover ITAL0000No10/10/14Credit CardNo00 
DiscoverVA633658684133000Yes10/11/14Credit CardYes100024.9Well it's a starting point. Thanks for the second chance Discover!
discoverOH00048No10/12/14Credit CardYes17000 
discoverNY0066240000Yes10/13/14Credit CardYes00 
Discover ITNY0066240000Yes10/13/14Credit CardYes00 
DISCOVERNJ71070167025000No10/22/14Credit CardYes7500 
Discover ITMI65465761376250Yes10/26/14Credit CardYes150022.9Received a promotional application in mail and applied. I had a BK in 2010.
Discover ITIL72469771415000No10/29/14Credit CardYes45000 
discover itNV67060369086000No10/30/14Credit CardYes15000 
Discover ITMI60760961450000No11/11/14Credit CardYes140022.9Didn't know limit until card came
discover itAL062466642576No11/11/14Credit CardYes110022.9 
Discover ITMO00018000No11/19/14Credit CardYes430022 
Discover ITMO00018000No11/19/14Credit CardYes430022 
True value discoverFL0622051000No11/23/14Credit CardYes350020 inquiries rebuilding credit 2 yrs on time payments
Discover ITAL0000No11/25/14Credit CardYes00 
Discover ITCA70270869841000No11/25/14Credit CardYes00 
Discover ITGA0748024000No12/07/14Credit CardYes50000 
Discover ITGA0748024000No12/08/14Credit CardYes50000 
Discover ITVA066162972000No12/09/14Credit CardYes55000Bad credit past, great credit future! Recently approved for BoA, Freedom, now Discover IT! Beyond excited by this CL (the other two were $2500).
Discover ITAL673000No12/09/14Credit CardNo00 
Discover ITPA61863601270000Yes12/15/14Credit CardNo00declined; bc of bankrupcy; pulled equinox
Discover CardAL0000No12/23/14Credit CardNo00 
Discover ITCA6520045000No12/26/14Credit CardYes190022.9Was denied the first time I applied for this card. Waited 6 months and responded to a new offer and was approved.
Discover ITOH00080000No12/27/14Credit CardNo00 
discoverAL668000No12/27/14Credit CardYes100021.99Bankuptcy 2008 Lien 2009 Both discharged
Discover ITCO60458460043500No12/27/14SecuredYes6000Declined for It card, then offered secured. I accepted and put down 600 as a deposit. It will be returned in one year of on time payments.
Discover ITMN58558558520000No12/28/14SecuredYes20012.9Applied for Student IT card, offered the Secured card. Awesome card! Recommended!
Discover ITGA60058059222000No12/30/14Credit CardYes00 
Discover ITNY666644700300000No01/02/15Credit CardYes100000Called to verify, then instant approval. Declined this summer. Approved for American express last week. Long road to rebuilding
discoverTN6050096000No01/03/15Credit CardNo00 
discoverMO00090000No01/07/15Credit CardYes00 
Discover ITAL0000No01/07/15Credit CardNo00 
DiscoverAL0000No01/12/15Credit CardNo00 
Discover ITGA643652657156000No01/12/15Credit CardNo00Pulled EQ. Declined bc of almost 7yr old collection.
Discover ITDC5870024000No01/18/15Credit CardYes600018.99Had to call in, but then was approved, with my scores, they must be getting desperate for buisness.
Discover ITCA65800100000No01/26/15Credit CardYes160022.9 
discoverNY673655680165000No01/27/15Credit CardYes110018 
Discover ITNY0070718000No01/27/15Credit CardYes10000 
Discover ITNJ716071138000No01/29/15Credit CardYes69000I have 5 inquiries in the last 2 years and 1 collection. They asked for more info online which was my dl and ss card. My utilization is around 40%. Apply now if you are 680 and up because they are just giving away credit.
DiscoverAL0000No01/30/15Credit CardNo00 
Discover ITTN0613020000No02/05/15Credit CardNo00Was pre approved was was declined due to accounts in collections. Was approved recently for First Premier Bank CC, Victoria Secrets and Express (shopping cart trick Comenity) and Credit One CC. Bf added me to a few of his account as authorized user and th
discoverMN6410059000No02/11/15Credit CardYes190019 
Discover ITMO00625410000No02/14/15Credit CardNo00 
DiscoverHI786000No02/15/15Credit CardYes910.99Received many pre-approval mails but decided to do a cold app. Instant approval online. EQ Fico Score that came with card.
Discover ITOH6500063000No02/18/15Credit CardYes100022.99Invited with 0% for 10 months, but didn't qualify. Offered 10% for 6 months. Not the best of my cards. Have several defaulted student loans. Most are rehabilitated, but 4 still show as defaulted.
Discover ITWA0663096000No02/23/15Credit CardYes15000Instant approval online. 2 unpaid collections from 5 yrs ago
Discover ITOK064700No02/26/15Credit CardNo00Denied following reasons: Derogatory public record or collection filed (judgment paid in full 2009). Too few accounts currently paid as agreed(1). Lack of recent loan information. Lack of recent bank revolving information.
Discover Student CardVA006961900000No02/27/15Credit CardNo419I'm 20 year old this is my second credit card, I have a BOA limit $1k. Discover chrome it.
Discover ITIL647663660197000No02/28/15Credit CardYes15000Denied for last 4 months. Finally approved... 62+ Inquiries, 24 New accounts in last 12 months.... They said I can request CLI in 3 months
Discover ITKY625634042500No03/01/15Credit CardNo00